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Master Data Management (MDM) removes redundant and varying versions of the same data in the organization. MDM initiative is a response to this growing need for information solutions that effectively manage large data volumes, produce accurate data, and link businesses’ and customers’ information.

Master Data Management

Challenges Related to MDM

Data Silos

Data Silos

Several versions of data sources used within and outside the organization. As data is maintained in legacy systems, this leads to errors and inefficiency

Data Quality

Data Quality

Inconsistent, incomplete and inaccurate data used throughout the business and pushed to different channels. Unstructured data can make it complex or block your entry to new marketplaces and channels.


Data Errors

Resulting from manual entry and low-quality data sources. These end up in all channels covering from your CRM and ERP to catalogs and the webshop. As a result, the teams communication, collaboration, product returns, and customer service suffer.


Data Syndication

Lack of control of what type of data is being pushed to what channel, resulting in product data that may differ per retailer or partner.


Loss Of Trust

In data, not knowing which elements of your data are outdated or incorrect. Throughout the lifecycle of products, traceability is less.

User Experience

Customer Experience

Erratic customer interactions due to a lack of consistent and complete master data. Producing an omnichannel experience is impossible.

Lack Of Data Governess

Lack of Data Governance

Without a centralized system for data, data governance is next to impossible. This stops your organization from completely meeting regulatory compliance and safety regulations.

MDM Strategy Consulting by Royal Cyber

Identifying Critical Master Data
MDM Cleansing and Enrichment
Developing Master Data Model
Conversion of OEM Items
Cataloguing Robot
On Site Inventory Data Gathering
Materials Management
Ensuring Quality Control
MDM Consulting Services
MDM Ongoing Maintenance

Benefits of MDM

  • Match the master data standards and streamline data maintenance procedures
  • Improves data integrity and ensures validity as well as the completeness
  • Consolidates critical information across the enterprise while reducing redundancy
  • Support business agility by delivering services and standards for high quality master Data
  • Develop efficient and effective master data processes and business process excellence
  • Build a solid foundation for the success of new business initiatives


Orchestrate processes that quickly action master and application data.


Create a single point of reference to master and application data.


Enforce accurate entry of master and application data into business systems.

MDM Reference Model
Data Governance
MDM Reference Architecture
MDM - Master Data Management
MDM on Cloud Logical Architecture
MDM on cloud diagram

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