Collibra 5.4

Enable New Levels of Collaboration and Productivity for Data Governance

Business professionals are increasingly demanding the same intuitiveness and ease-of-use in their workplace technologies as those they use during their off-hours. The new release Collibra 5.4 will offer major new functionality of the platform as the Collibra team announces that support for Collibra will end by 2018.

Collibra 5.4 dramatically enhances the capabilities of data lineage diagrams with first-of-its-kind interactive capabilities. Totaling governed context to data lineage diagrams is a straightforward way to support every data citizen to create additional value for the business.

Collibra 5.4 allows business users to completely understand and record the descent of the business data without leaving the diagram.

A style makeover that delivers a consumer-friendly, easy-to-navigate look-and-feel using customizable colors and icons, with the ability to trace the path between multiple selected assets.

Additional Collibra 5.4 Enhancements

Dedicated Report Catalog Page & Functionality

Enhanced Data Catalog Landing Page

License Management

Repository Replication

Enhanced Quick Search

An infrastructure to parse Tableau workbooks

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