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Using Optimizely’s Digital Experience Platform (DXPs)
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It’s Time to Rethink Omnichannel Retail


According to Omnichannel statistics, 50% of customers use at least four touchpoints before purchasing. That’s what makes the omnichannel approach so important. Being present in multiple places and allowing users to switch between different channels seamlessly, will attract new customers.


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“I want to thank you all for your hard work in getting the redesign completed. The site looks great! Though we have two final issues to work through, everyone at YDG is pleased with how great it looks. This is a great foundation to get our new logo and branding communicated to our customers!
Thanks again!”

Melissa Howe
Director, Project Management, YDesign Group


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Unleash the Flexibility of eCommerce Investments with the YOC Accelerator

April 26th, 2022 | 12:00 – 01:00 PM CST

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Deep Dive into a Headless Commerce Implementation with commercetools

May 11th, 2022 | 12:00 – 01:00 PM CST

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