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Deep Dive into a Headless Commerce Implementation with commercetools

Enrich Customer Experiences with Flexible APIs to Connect All Touchpoints

In today’s fast-paced eCommerce environment, agility and flexibility are crucial. Customer demands are continually changing, new touchpoints are emerging, and communication channels are constantly innovating, making it easier for consumers and suppliers to connect. To keep up, businesses need a flexible architecture possible with headless commerce.

In a conventional eCommerce model, new experiences need to be updated from the front and back-end systems, proving to be quite challenging. This is where Headless Commerce stands out as it separates the front-end and back-end of an eCommerce system, enabling businesses to enrich the customer experience. commercetools is the ideal platform as it offers flexible APIs to connect all the touchpoints easily.

Royal Cyber’s certified commercetools resources can help you implement a headless commerce architecture and migrate to a modern commerce technology. Join this webinar to learn how Royal Cyber Inc. can provide you with the agility and flexibility required to meet new customer demands, create brand value, and drive innovation.

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What can you learn?
  • Introduction to Headless Commerce
  • Features of Headless Commerce
  • Benefits of Headless Commerce
  • Why commercetools is the Leading Choice for Headless Commerce
  • Implementing commercetools with Royal Cyber Inc.

  • Question & Answer Session
Barathkumar Janarthanan

Barathkumar Janarthanan

Practice Head – commercetools at Royal Cyber Inc.

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