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Empower Your Business With Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform has become the platform of choice for businesses around the world. It’s trusted, scalable & global.

Under pressure to become more agile and innovate faster, enterprises want to tap the full potential of cloud. Azure is a leading cloud platform and industry leader and offers both IaaS and PaaS. It offers both unmanaged and managed services and allows you to install and manage applications as needed to enable unrivaled productivity.”

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The Cloud For Modern Business

99.95% uptime and improved performance
Faster time to market
Lower TCO compared to on-premise deployment
Work with existing frameworks, languages, or tools to build applications
Unlimited server and storage space
Pay-as-you-go model
Easily scale applications to any extent
Plan your infrastructure for best utilization
Backup and disaster recovery to prevent data loss
Reduced application and server management costs
Dependable data centers
Better insight with Big Data

Top Workloads of Microsoft Azure

Data Center Modernization
Virtual Machines
Network Connectivity
Backup and Disaster Recovery
Cortana Intelligence Suite
IoT Suite
App Environment Optimization
Digital Enablement
Application Modernization
Privacy & Compliance

Cloud Operating Model

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Transform Your Enterprise Cloud with Royal Cyber

  • Move applications out of legacy environments to the cloud, to take advantage of low-cost, low-touch runtime environments.
  • Quickly improve performance and reduce costs through our unique portfolio of design assets, frameworks, reusable components and Royal Cyber thought leadership.
  • Reduce the time taken for test solutions with much higher availability.
  • Scale easily on demand to provide capacity to handle unexpected load changes.
  • Rapidly improve your business agility and flexibility while reducing infrastructure, maintenance and energy costs.
  • Significantly increase capacity of the existing infrastructure and achieve high-performance computing.

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