Automating Adobe AEM on Microsoft Azure

Online visitors expect an engaging, personalized and responsive experience. If they don’t get instant fulfilment, there are quite a few options of other destinations across the web. Keeping customer relations optimized and moving towards a marketing goal is the primary reason to invest in the digital platform.

Generally, businesses have deployed their CMS on-premises, which involves dedicated hardware with enough capacity to handle any usage surge. The rigid environment of a traditional, dedicated server infrastructure meant that resources were always over- or under-provisioned. In reality, most storage systems deployed to support virtualized environments are only 20-30% used from a capacity perspective.

Adobe Experience Manager is built from the bass as a single, connected solution to deliver automated, flexible and tailored. When deploying Adobe Experience Manager on Azure, you get a reliable, scalable and secure solution.

It is common for enterprises to consolidate on a single Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform. Microsoft Azure’s strong play in creating hybrid Windows cloud environments makes it a logical choice for many IT departments. Based on Hyper-V, Microsoft’s long-proven virtualization platform, the Azure platform offerings have grown considerably in the last few years. Adobe and Microsoft are in partnership to connect your content, data, and processes to provide a more fascinating experience to each customer.

Adobe is increasing its computing load across multiple private and public clouds. While powerful, Adobe Experience Manager on Azure can be complicated. Maintaining the health of the platform needs expert skills and knowledge. The challenge is to get the benefits without spending time deploying and operating the technology and losing focus on the customer experience.

Why Adobe Experience Manager on Microsoft Azure?

  • Speed to market

  • High availability

  • Scalability

  • Free your IT teams

  • Predictable costs

  • Flexibility

  • Monitoring

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The value add Adobe Experience Manager can bring along to your business is substantial. For enterprises looking to replace your existing cloud platform to Microsoft Azure or needs a multi-cloud environment, you can take advantage of our expertise, best practices and experience. For more information, you can email us at [email protected] or visit

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