Microsoft Azure Site Recovery for Cloud Security

For a business to grow successfully, the most essential factor is business continuity and fault tolerance. Companies should be able to pull through from all kinds of calamities while having a minimum downtime of their services. For many business establishments, service downtimes straightaway add to monetary losses.

To put an end to this, it is crucial to have a solid Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan in place by engaging a world-leading Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution.

Azure Site Recovery (ASR) makes it possible for companies to reduce service downtimes due to IT operational disruptions. Microsoft Azure Site Recovery orchestrates and manages disaster recovery for physical servers, Windows, Linux, Hyper-V, and VMware virtual machines.

Azure Site Recovery Offers Two Types of Functionality

  • 1. Replication

  • 2. Orchestration

Microsoft Azure Site Recovery offers Two Primary BCDR Strategies

  • Azure Site Recovery Services - Azure Site Recovery enables business continuity by taking over the task of running the business applications and workloads that happen during outages.
  • Azure Backup Service - Azure Backup Service keeps the data backed up safely in Azure to be recovered when needed.

Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Variants

Microsoft Azure Site offers 3 variants for Recovery:

  • Azure to Azure

  • On-premises to Azure

  • On-premises to On-premises

Why Azure Site Recovery?

Reduced Costs
Azure Site Recovery reduces infrastructure costs by not charging you for the VMs on the failover site. As an alternative, the plan is billed in units for the average daily number of instances that are protected each month.

Convenient Replication and Testing
Azure Site Recovery offers innovative disaster recovery drills that allow you to easily test the configuration and replication without affecting the production environment. This method allows businesses to test the setup rapidly and have the added confidence that the failover process will work seamlessly.

Simple Deployment and Management
Azure Site Recovery can be easily initiated without any additional expertise. Azure Site Recovery is also automatically updated with new Azure features as soon as they are released.

Data Resilience
Azure Site Recovery is designed for data resilience. It is planned in such a way that during failover the data is replicated to a secondary Azure datacenter without intercepting application data.

Workload Protection
Moving peak loads back and forth in a saturated VMware environment can be challenging. Azure Site Recovery protects your workloads by offering data availability across a wide range of hardware and virtual configurations.

99.9% SLA
Businesses can rely on Azure Site Recovery which guarantees minimum downtime and recovery that is dependable. Azure Site Recovery warranties 99.9% service availability and 24×7 instantaneous support so business processes can run smoothly.

Hybrid Experience
Azure Site Recovery offers a truly hybrid experience by providing a scalable and reliable platform for your workloads while controlling where you run apps and store data. Applications can be moved with near-zero downtime and minimal impact on users.

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