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IBM Tealeaf CX includes a unique event-based detection model that provides visibility into customer's online experiences. Royal Cyber's Tealeaf services assists in supporting your e-commerce and marketing functions towards ensuring a seamless customer service.

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On-Premise and Cloud Solutions for B2B and B2C

Tealeaf brings new capabilities that optimize the entire customer experience cycle on both B2B and B2C channels. It provides the necessary tools and insight to:

  • Understand customer interaction at every phase
  • Deliver faster services and support to your marketing efforts
  • Identify and remove pain points in customer journeys
  • Reduce the time spent in identifying and resolving customer-facing usability issues

Unprecedented Visibility into Every User’s Unique Online Interactions

Tealeaf analyzes captured data in real-time against user-defined rules. It provides insight into business events relating to customer struggle, business process health, and customer activity, and also technical events such as application errors and performance problems.


Customer Struggle

Business Process

Customer Activity


Application Error

Page Error

Application Response

Industry-Focused Solutions

Finance & Banking

Tealeaf helps you to reach out to your online customers By facilitating positive touch points on your website-whether they are applying for a loan, transferring funds, or placing a trade.


Tealeaf helps you to remain competitive By helping you find unique ways to differentiate your offerings, such as adding deeper personalization, incorporating relevant shopping tools, proactively reaching out to customers, etc.

Travel & Hospitality

Tealeaf helps you to unravel complex usage scenariosBy identifying and resolving customer-facing usability issues that are difficult to repeat and diagnose.


Tealeaf helps in bridging offline and online channelsBy using recorded ‘replays’ of actual customer behavior, and then driving analytical data and experience analysis.

Royal Cyber & You

Royal Cyber is an IBM Premier Business Partner with more than 10 years of experience in IBM technologies.

Having extensive experience in the e-commerce platform, we can help you in:

  • Deploying and maintaining IBM Tealeaf solutions
  • Leveraging a team of highly skilled customer experience management professionals to manage your IBM Tealeaf implementation
  • Implementing performance tuning optimization techniques
  • Defining digital analytics solutions
Royal Cyber and You


Early Warning System for Investigating Customer Bottlenecks

The case of missing customers and lost transactions will never be a mystery anymore. IBM Tealeaf helps you to investigate the causes behind customer disappearances and fix the problems in real time.

Our Tealeaf CX Services

Configuring Functional Services

You can reduce the impact of any given issue on customers by using Tealeaf’s robust monitoring. What’s more you can quantify the business impact of each issue.

With Tealeaf, we will help you to view, reproduce, fix, and optimize issues relating to customer journeys. We use Tealeaf’s functional capabilities to focus on:

  • Customer struggle & usability
  • Customer behavior
  • Creating user accounts and access privileges
  • Defining metrics for monitoring
  • Abandonment points
Generating Reports & Insights

You can gain insight on what issues to prioritize and pursue, their resolutions, and customer pain points.

Tealeaf's tough reporting tool collects and aggregates values and helps you to drill down to individual sessions. We use Tealeaf's reporting capabilities to focus on:

  • Business impact analysis
  • Navigation and transactional errors
  • Page performance
  • Resolving customer issues
  • Cross-sell or up-sell based on session history
Administrating Resource Requirements

You can ensure a seamless customer journey by using event modelers and instituting customer recovery actions.

Tealeaf's slew of resources and features help you to make the best use of the environment in real time. Royal Cyber provides a range of Tealeaf Administration and Power User support to its clients, including:

  • Updating and upgrading the Tealeaf environment
  • Migrating events and attribute data
  • Creating events, alerts, and reports
  • Recommending actions
Migrating to Latest Version

You can avail Royal Cyber’s services for migrating to a newer environment to meet the demands of your growing business.

Tealeaf is fully scalable yet flexible to meet your business’s complex needs. Royal Cyber can help to:

  • Plan migrating to a newer environment
  • Export old events, hit attributes, and dimension data
  • Re-create reports and dashboards