Personalizing Digital Customer Experiences with Optimizely OaaS

Written by Manpreet Kaur

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Optimizing and personalizing digital experiences to transform your business is a demanding process. Digital teams need to make data-driven decisions, experiment, and constantly innovate techniques to harness their digital potential. Optimization as a Service (OaaS) offers a unified suite that allows businesses to transform their digital experiences creation process. Let’s understand how organizations can use Optimizely OaaS to enhance their digital performance.

What is Optimizely?

Optimizely is a Digital Experience Platform that enables digital teams to control and optimize their digital activity to create personalized experiences with content management, experimentation, and commerce. It features an easy-to-use interface packed with exceptional tools that help you ensure consistency across different digital subscription touchpoints. Additionally, by using Optimization as a Service (OaaS), businesses are able to:

  • Test and experiment with new ideas, save time and resources with optimal tools and techniques.
  • Use AI-powered content recommendations to deliver the content customers want.
  • Deploy advanced targeting plans for the target audience and segmenting personalization plans.

Optimizely Products

Content Cloud

Content powers digital experiences. Businesses need to streamline content delivery to create captivating experiences. Built on .Net and Azure, Content Cloud CMS allows business owners to deliver content in ways aligned to the customers’ needs.

Create and control content to deliver a unified brand experience using the headless, coupled, or decoupled architecture. In addition, businesses can also store unlimited content in the Content Cloud CMS; thereby avoiding additional charges for the volume of content stored. Since there isn’t a free trial of CMS, developers can download a version and put it to test locally.

Features of Content Cloud CMS

  • Approval Workflows: This allows businesses to use the default or custom-built workflows to ensure all tasks are completed successfully.
  • Content Management: Enables the marketing team to make immediate changes to the website, maintain quality control, organize publishing, and manage all aspects of customer experience.
  • Media Management: Make quick changes to media content, personalize content assets depending on customer behaviour, and control access.
  • Authoring & Layout: Use the drag-and-drop methods to create content and discover ideas aligned with brand image.

Commerce Cloud

The Commerce Cloud offers a comprehensive suite for eCommerce companies to create meaningful experiences. It includes:

  • B2C Commerce: Uses AI to manage content and deliver customized user experiences & product recommendations.
  • B2B Commerce: Allows businesses to deliver customer-centric experiences with data-driven recommendations to increase revenue.

Features of Commerce Cloud:

  • Checkout & Cart: Specify language, text rates, and currency to personalize cart settings to deliver seamless payment mechanisms to users.
  • Search & Navigation: Use AI models that narrow down the search results for users depending on their interests and behaviour.
  • Order Management: Allows CSRs to manage orders with the help of a dedicated CSR portal. The CSRs can view, edit, cancel orders, make transactions, and apply discounts.
  • Project Management: Use automated notifications to track the project and ensure the tasks are executed within the deadline.

Intelligence Cloud

Intelligence Cloud is a powerful toolset that offers Optimization as a Service (OaaS) to optimize the experience for each customer. Optimization as a Service uses machine learning and AI to help organizations tap revenue-generating segments and perform experiments to deliver personalized recommendations.

Features of Intelligence Cloud:

  • Predict Customer Behavior: Use real-time data to predict the behaviour of consumers and create content to deliver the experience they need.
  • Interact with Customers: Engage with customers on a one-to-one basis anytime, anywhere to convert and drive sales.
  • Integrate and Perform Online testing: Use one-click integrations to get data from different channels and test ideas to create optimized content.

Benefits of Optimizely

  • Easy Editing: Optimizely has an intuitive interface that provides users an online editing experience with capabilities to include additional features through the dashboard. Creators need not work on other configurations.
  • Customization: It is simple to control customization without taking assistance from developers. Users can explore personalization features to create a unique customer experience.
  • Economical Cost: The Optimizely software is available at affordable pricing models, which are easy to understand. It offers tremendous value for money by improving conversions and augmenting revenue. In addition, users can buy add-ons and upgrades depending on their requirements.
  • Manage Workflows and User Permissions: Optimizely offers an easy way to control and configure the content review workflows and user permissions without the intervention of developers.
  • Multivariate Testing: Allows the users to test multiple variables to find the best combination out of all the combinations. Multivariate testing helps you optimize your website by running different tests concurrently.
  • Cloud-First Hosting: Optimizely allows businesses to migrate their website to the cloud without any hassles by using the onboarding solution.


Optimizely includes various software and managed services that help businesses unlock their digital potential. It offers a dynamic digital experience platform, Optimization as a Service, and content management to execute sophisticated customer-centric digital practices. Its benefits include increased website traffic, conversion goals, easy content deployment, and economic cost management.

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