Digital Health Promotes Digital Goals – Get Digitally Healthy with a Website Checkup

In the rapidly-evolving world of eCommerce, it is easy to get overwhelmed, while determining how to stay competitive. Obtaining a dispassionate third-party assessment helps to provide clarity and focus to businesses on how to enhance their existing and future websites.

Using our proprietary Nine-point assessment that consists of three core pillars – functional capabilities, technology infrastructure, and the quality of the user experience, Royal Cyber successfully assessed Suvon’s website, an esteemed client.

The panel will highlight how Royal Cyber worked collaboratively with Suvon to tailor the assessment to address the client’s aspirations and goals and discuss how the resulting report and prototype provided actionable recommendations that laid the groundwork for a site redesign.

Discussion Topics:

Introduction to Royal Cyber Digital Consulting team
A client’s perspective on the assessment
Implementing an Effective Digital Strategy for your Website
Nine-Point Assessment using the Three Core Pillars
How Digital Consulting can benefit your Business
Question & Answer Session
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