Acoustic, formerly known as the Watson Marketing division within IBM, is the world’s leading independent AI-powered marketing cloud provider. Join us as we together provide a detailed product roadmap and market vision to understand Acoustic & Royal Cyber’s role in full scope.

Royal Cyber is an IBM Gold business partner committed to working with Acoustic and our clients to leverage the brilliant features and functionalities it can provide marketers. Our goal is to help companies understand changes like these and align their products and solutions with their business goals.

Acoustic allows clients to use an open-platform technology approach that connects their data and provides a more human and in-depth understanding of their customers. Its AI-powered products are built specifically for marketers. They aim to eliminate friction and deliver a more consistent and personal experience to the market while still acting responsibly to protect user privacy.

Discussion Topics:

Introduction to IBM Acoustic Deal
IBM – Acoustic Deal
What the Future holds?
How Royal Cyber can Help?
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