Acoustic Experience Analytics – Understand the Customer & Improve the ROI

Written by Shamshad Azam

Manager - Business Analyst at Royal Cyber

Acoustic Experience Analytics is an analytics solution for web and mobile applications that works by capturing and investigating customer visits. It replays sessions to identify issues, patterns, errors, and the impact of failed transactions on business processes. Consequently, a more valuable awareness of why and how users participate or leave the site can be obtained.

Impact of Acoustic Experience Analytics on Return on Investments (ROI) includes an increase in customer transactions and retention, reduction in time spent resolving issues, prioritized development, a decrease in the average call center handling time, and more.

Taking decisions without considering customer experiences have a negative impact on business, as you never know what customers are facing during their website visit. Acoustic Experience Analytics enables organizations to identify unknown issues and revamp the applications, resulting in increased productivity. It also takes necessary security measures to cover the risks, thereby drastically decreasing IT capital costs.

Less Issue Re-production Time

It takes a lot of struggle and time to re-produce an issue, and in rare scenarios, it seems impossible to re-produce the issue. Acoustic Experience Analytics improves efficiency by lowering the re-production cost because it takes less time finding and resolving the errors, and over the period, this will have a significant impact on profits.

Focused Development

The data presented by Acoustic Experience Analytics is useful to identify and explain the impact of development changes on customers. It helps to understand better the issues, which leads an organization to focus and develop only the beneficial parts of an application.

Expose Fraud & Cyber Attacks

Acoustic Experience Analytics provides visibility into the online experience of customers by capturing all their interactions. And thus, it will:

  • Inform the organization of any malicious user or bot movement.

  • Prevent goods from leaving by delaying the dispatch time or block the entree to the site.

  • Check the entire stream of traffic and aid forensic findings in analyzing potential fraud.

  • Help to expose fraud or cyber-attacks and assists in detecting the breached accounts.

  • Keep a record and helps to understand the magnitude of intervention, in case of a cyber-attack, and reports it to the impacted parties.

Know the Choices of the Customer

Acoustic Experience Analytics empowers organizations to increase customer experience by growing online and mobile customer retention. Organizations use the data collected using Acoustic Experience Analytics to understand the customer experience of mobile or online users better. They can monitor the struggle of the users in real-time, across omni-channels, devices, and applications, and can act accordingly. It results in additional revenue over time.

Improved Transaction Quality

By using Acoustic Experience Analytics to realize the customer experience of online and mobile users, organizations obtain familiarity with every customer interaction and reduce vital issues that lead to the rejection of transactions. The approach is to observe new processes, instead of waiting for the problem to be reported, respond as soon as you see customers struggling and failing to complete the transactions.

Help the Decision Makers of an Organization

The data produced from Acoustic Experience Analytics influences a broad category of roles in an organization and assists in making stable, more intelligent decisions Acoustic Experience Analytics gives easy access to business users on customer behavior analytics, and they do not have to struggle to collect the data from different sources.

Get Loyalty and Win the Customers

Acoustic Experience Analytics solution has a massive impact on both customer experience and site optimization. It exposes the events that cause an e-business to lose money so that the organization can take faster corrective actions. It helps customer-centric e-business and makes it easier for customers to conduct business across multiple channels. It succeeds in reducing customer concerns, increasing customer value, and customer loyalty, resulting in incremental revenue and a relationship of a lifetime.

An organization’s ROI crucially depends on taking the right decision at the right time. Royal Cyber’s team of specialists recognizes the anomalies, allows a multi-channel view of the customer for constant analysis, presents the custom evaluation and recommendations to realize new opportunities, and provides a 24/7 precautionary maintenance.

Royal Cyber has taken it further by connecting it with its own AI Agent Bot solution. AI Agent Bot helps Customer Service Representative to develop human-to-bot communication by isolating the bottlenecks, filtering conversations, and understanding engagement. For more information, contact us at [email protected] or visit our website

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