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Achieve Operational Excellence Leveraging Royal Cyber's "Self-X” Solution

Being in the cloud business for more than a decade has helped us grow leaps and bounds in our practice, approach & processes. Royal Cyber established itself by hiring the top talent from the market and holds solid in-house expertise in the Cloud arena. Over the years of experience, Royal Cyber developed a Cloud Catalyst framework that improved cloud services capabilities.

Cloud Infrastructure Operation

Royal Cyber’s “Self-X” Solution is an AIOps & Automation platform ensuring service availability and reduced IT operations cost through Intelligent Automation, Integrated Monitoring, and Remediation. Royal Cyber’s “Self-X” Solution is built using an open architecture in line with the industry standards and customized.

Royal Cyber's "Self-X” Helps

CloudOps Journey Primarily Focusing on

Cloud Infrastructure Operations

Consolidated Cloud Service

High-Performance Operating Model

Consolidated Cloud Service

Components of Royal Cyber's "Self-X” Platform

Royal Cyber’s CloudOps team, with a “Self-X” mindset and Customer-Centric operating model, delivers the below service components:

Business Benefits of Operating Model

Business Benefits

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