A Comprehensive Journey from Cherwell to ServiceNow Migration

Journey from Cherwell to ServiceNow Migration

A Comprehensive Journey from Cherwell to ServiceNow Migration

Cherwell to ServiceNow Migration

Rajeev Goyal

ServiceNow Practicehead

February 23, 2024


In the dynamic landscape of IT Service Management (ITSM), organizations are constantly seeking ways to enhance efficiency, user experience, and overall business processes. This holds particularly true for a US-based Education Services client who faced challenges with their existing ITSM system, Cherwell. The limitations in capabilities, lack of advanced features, and the need for streamlined processes prompted them to embark on a transformative journey towards ServiceNow. This blog explores the key activities, scope of work, and remarkable results achieved by Royal Cyber in this Cherwell to ServiceNow migration project.

Key Challenges and Business Requirements

The client identified several challenges with their existing Cherwell ITSM system, including limited capabilities, absence of advanced features like AI and predictive intelligence, and the necessity for streamlined processes across Incident, Outage, Knowledge Management, Request Management, and Change Management. Additionally, there was a strong desire for a superior end-user experience through self-service capabilities and multiple interfaces, including virtual agents, mobile devices, and relevant knowledge documents.

For the support agents, the client sought better experiences through predictive intelligence, auto-routing, knowledge documents, integrations, and automations. Service owners, managers, and supervisors needed improved monitoring through reports and dashboards, as well as enhanced performance analytics.

Key Activities and Migration Strategy

Royal Cyber played a pivotal role in this migration journey, starting with estimating ITSM and ITOM license requirements. The team conducted comprehensive requirement gathering workshops, comparing Cherwell and ServiceNow ITSM capabilities and performing gap analysis. Based on identified gaps and migration best practices, a phased migration approach was recommended.

  • Phase 1: MVP, Core Migration, Cherwell Sunset
  • Phase 2: Enhancements on ServiceNow
  • Phase 3: Additional Integrations
The migration involved transferring three years of existing transactional data, including 1 million tickets, 50,000 users, over 1,000 support engineers, 5,000+ knowledge articles, and 100,000+ assets using Import Sets into ServiceNow. An agile methodology, with the Scrum framework for implementation, ensured a flexible and responsive approach to evolving project requirements.
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Scope of Work and Integration

Royal Cyber configured the ITSM module, ITOM (Discovery) module, and CMDB in ServiceNow. A train-the-trainer program was executed for 5,000 users, ensuring a smooth transition and user adoption. Integrations played a crucial role in enhancing the overall ITSM ecosystem:

  • LDAP and SSO for seamless user authentication
  • Asset Management (in-house)
  • Reporting through Power BI
  • Custom portal integration
  • Cherwell to ServiceNow via APIs
  • SCCM for configuration management

Results and Impact

The migration to ServiceNow brought about significant improvements across various aspects of ITSM:

  • User Experience:
    • Improved experiences for end-users and support engineers with a modern and intuitive interface.
    • Enhanced self-service capabilities through virtual agents and multiple interfaces.
  • Visibility and Reporting:
    • Real-time reporting capabilities through Power BI integration, providing enhanced visibility into key performance indicators.
  • Process Efficiency:
    • Internal business processes were streamlined and improved, especially with the integration of a custom portal.
  • MTTR Improvement:
    • Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) was improved by 30% due to the implementation of auto-routing and automation.
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The successful Cherwell to ServiceNow migration undertaken by Royal Cyber for the US-based Education Services client stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic ITSM initiatives. The phased approach, comprehensive scope of work, and seamless integration with various systems have resulted in a more robust, efficient, and user-friendly ITSM ecosystem. As organizations continue to evolve, embracing cutting-edge solutions like ServiceNow becomes not just a necessity but a catalyst for driving innovation and excellence in IT service delivery.

In conclusion, the successful Cherwell to ServiceNow migration by Royal Cyber exemplifies the potential of strategic ITSM initiatives in reshaping organizations’ operational landscapes. Beyond merely addressing challenges, the migration has ushered in a new era of efficiency, innovation, and user satisfaction. As organizations worldwide navigate the complexities of modern ITSM, this case study serves as an inspiring blueprint for embracing change, optimizing processes, and achieving excellence in IT service delivery.

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Harini Krishnamurthy

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