Maximizing Asset Efficiency

This whitepaper discusses the benefits of implementing a modern IT Asset Management (ITAM) system and the challenges organizations face in realizing its potential. It highlights the integration challenges within the IT ecosystem and the limitations of traditional ITAM systems, and how ServiceNow, a cloud-based platform, offers a solution by providing a comprehensive and integrated ITAM solution that automates the entire ITAM lifecycle.

The advantages of utilizing ServiceNow ITAM are explored in detail. This whitepaper emphasizes the benefits of having a unified platform for ITAM and Software Asset Management (SAM) within ServiceNow.

It explains how ITSM and ITAM are interconnected and managing them within a single system of record leads to better decision-making and process improvement. The integration of ITAM with workflow, service catalog, runbook automation, analytics, and discovery capabilities are discussed, highlighting the automation and efficiency gains that can be achieved.

It also discusses the future of Software Asset Management (SAM) and its role within ServiceNow. It explains how SAM helps organizations manage virtual environments and control costs by accurately determining software license models and costs. It also addresses the challenges of managing subscription licenses for cloud-based applications and highlights how ServiceNow SAM provides comprehensive support for subscription models, ensuring proactive compliance management.

In this whitepaper, the main points covered include:

  • Modern IT Asset Management
  • How ServiceNow ITSM and ITAM Are Stronger Together
  • Software Asset Management for the Future
  • Optimizing IT Asset Management with ServiceNow

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