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ServiceNow ITOM helps businesses automate processes by creating workflow solutions that digitize and simplify business processes. It provides intelligent automation and machine learning capabilities with AIOps for enterprise applications in various industries like healthcare, IT services, and more. ITOM helps organizations reduce infrastructure costs by optimizing resource availability and minimizing risk from human error. Implement ServiceNow ITOM with ServiceNow partner Royal Cyber, who provides global ServiceNow solutions and offers support for Fortune 100 companies.

ServiceNow ITOM

Benefits of ServiceNow ITOM

Modernize Your IT Infrastructure Today

  • With predictive machine learning, predict and resolve IT incidents.
  • Achieve uninterrupted service delivery and service agility.
  • Get end-to-end service visibility and advanced, granular security.
  • Maintain compliance for the entire IT infrastructure.
  • Facilitate collaboration and resource efficiency for the IT department.
  • Manage data centers, cloud resources, and cloud services.
  • Simplify the relation of IT components and dependencies with tools like ServiceNow service mapping

Who is ServiceNow ITOM for?

IT Department

For issues like operational intelligence, asset management, and support for end users, all personas within the IT team can benefit from ITOM, which can automate operations management.

Security Managers

Security operations are more manageable with monitoring tools that offer firewall audits and reporting solutions to help identify root vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with regulations and best practices, which helps reduce security breaches.

Cloud Operations Managers

Can leverage ServiceNow cloud management to monitor cloud resources and services. With ITOM, optimize cloud usage, automate cloud provisioning and management tasks, and ensure compliance with cloud security and governance policies.

Think IT operations management, Think Royal Cyber – Premier ServiceNow Partner.

ServiceNow ITOM Solutions

Event Management


Service Mapping

Certificate Management

Firewall Audits & Reporting

Service Graph Connectors

Configuration management database (CMDB)

Health Log Analytics

Develop Proactive IT Operation Management Solutions with ServiceNow AIOps

ServiceNow AIOps

How Royal Cyber Implements ServiceNow ITOM

Our ServiceNow ITOM Implementation Process

Four simple steps to make Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) part of your enterprise ecosystem:


Our team identifies areas that can benefit from ServiceNow ITOM services and features.


Help your team adopt the ServiceNow ITOM platform for your enterprise operations management.


Provide ongoing management and support services for troubleshooting service issues, essential support services, upgrades, etc.

Why Royal Cyber for ServiceNow ITOM?

  • 10+ years of implementing ServiceNow/Now Platform specialty solutions.
  • With our consulting and implementation services, companies can leverage ServiceNow IT Operations Management to help organizations achieve uninterrupted service availability and complete visibility of IT infrastructure.
  • Get an IT solution for service management and business service delivery.
  • Our team can guide your organization’s IT teams to implement and successfully manage IT operations.

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