Standardize Data Protection and Streamline Privacy Strategies

Data security is one of the issues impacting the future of our digitalized and globally networked world. Yet, while organizations are moving towards data-driven decision-making, many have been hampered by concerns over data security and compliance needs in their analytics workflow.

Royal Cyber has a strategic partnership with Protegrity, a global leader in data security that future-proofs businesses and safeguards sensitive data everywhere as data-privacy regulations evolve. The Protegrity Data Protection Platform lets you focus on developing and managing your mission-critical applications on the most secure cloud for business.

Protegrity’s cloud protection solutions are the shield that enterprises need as they explore cloud environments. Protegrity streamlines the management and enforcement of data protection across cloud-native and hybrid deployments, protecting data in every corner of the cloud.

In this webinar, James Rice, Vice President, Protegrity, will discuss the path to cloud migration and the security best practices organization should implement to ensure sensitive data is protected and securely accessed in the cloud.

Key Takeaways:

  • Key challenges for IaaS and SaaS security, and how to handle them
  • Best practices and predictions for cloud security into 2022
  • Actionable advice on how you can protect your data, wherever it resides & however it’s used
  • Question & Answer

Royal Cyber empowers your businesses by providing a full stack of Cloud protection services to customers who want to make their sensitive enterprise data more secure and productive.

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James Rice
James Rice

Vice President of Presales at Protegrity

Brijesh Anghan
Royal Cyber
Brijesh Anghan

Director, Digital Transformation at Royal Cyber

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