Govern Data in Cloud for Enhanced Data Privacy & Security

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Cloud integration should be one of the focal points while planning or managing an organization's data governance journey. A well-chalked out cloud strategy can help scale and speed the data governance plan and meet business requirements.

Many organizations have started rooting towards the cloud to secure sensitive data, including data lakes. With the increase in data collection and storage trends, cloud migration has become the solution to help overcome the challenge of storage limit and capacity. Therefore, the faster the cloud integration process, the better an organization reaps the benefits of a consumer-centric approach valued in data governance, data privacy, and data security. Furthermore, cloud benefits are not limited to storage as there are multiple benefits to it. Read more to understand the benefits, integration process, and more.

Benefits of Cloud Integration

  • Protects sensitive data

  • Increases data storage limit

  • Regulates availability of data

  • Regulates data usage & access to information

  • Increases overall security in a cloud computing environment

  • Improves data privacy & security

  • Regulates access to information

  • Maintains compliance & frameworks

  • Optimizes operations & data analytics

  • Protects against data breaches & cybersecurity threats

Experts say while data governance is the need of the hour, cloud integration is what industries want as the consumer data mapping trends are drastically changing. Industry experts also add that the key to data governance and security is the right balance of scalability, reliability, and flexibility.

Scale Data Governance with Easy Cloud Integration

Azure Purview platform provides unified data governance as it enables easy management and governance of on-premises, SaaS data and multi-cloud integrations. Such management makes the data easily discoverable and manageable in AWS S3.

The features also include data landscape management with automated data discovery. It also provides the classification of sensitive data while ensuring end-to-end data lineage that empowers data consumers. In all, Azure Purview is data governance experts preferred choice that can help enable easy cloud migration.

Govern Data with Ease

Royal Cyber data governance experts recommend governing data easily with AWS S3 in Azure Purview for better data discovery, data management, and data security.

Here is the list of additional benefits of the platform integration:

  • Periodic Expressions for Gathering Data: The Azure Purview data governance platform with AWS S3 offers the classification of pre-defined sensitive information that helps define compliance and frameworks. Such configurations include regular keywords and expressions for gathering sensitive data.
  • Reduced Risk & Data Leakages: Data can be easily discovered and stored in AWS S3 buckets. It can help in compliance, reduce risk and data leakages.
  • Discoverable Data in AWS S3 Buckets: Easily discoverable and scanned data can be put in buckets. All this can be made possible in AWS S3 with the Azure Purview scanner. The additional benefit of the same is the metadata readability that helps with the classification of the data asset.
  • Billing Made Easy: The advantage of the platform and cloud eases the scanning process associated with AWS S3 sources on the same Azure data source lines.
  • Transparency in Data: It is important to have transparency in data and the overall framework for a better consumer-centric approach and reduced risk of errors. Automated reports and allocations are the best means to increase transparency.

Cloud and on-premises solutions bring with them many advantages. However, one of the challenges to consider is separating the movement and location of data.

Data Governance Provides Many Possibilities

  • Regulatory Compliance: Non-compliance costs can be double the cost of compliance. Stay updated with the latest regulatory compliance requirement to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Boost Data Lake: Overcome reliability challenges, scale, streamline, and batch data processing. With one platform, get boundless possibilities to discover, understand, and trust access data in the data lake.
  • Streamline Reporting Process: Hold the power to drive decisions with strategic reports. Centralize and govern report metrics to witness an increase in savings.
  • Automate Governance: Respond to regulatory requirements to scale the centralized and automated data privacy workflows that support global regulations.
  • Reduce Cost: Identify duplicate data and reduce the cost to minimize data spend. Gain a competitive advantage over your competitors through a personalized customer experience that results in improved efficiency.

How Can Royal Cyber Help You?

From implementation, customizations to management, we offer one-stop solutions for Data Governance. Our data governance professionals are the subject matter experts who can help you drive success and accelerate growth to unleash limitless potential.

  • Strategic Data Management Approach with Data Stewardship
  • Expert Enablement of Features (Business Glossary, Catalog, Help Desk, Policy Manager, and more)
  • Successful Development, Management, and Customizations of Workflows
  • Streamlined Implementation of License Management
  • No Errors, 24/7 Back-up, and Restoration

Royal Cyber experts can also help you provide a comprehensive view of ensuring data quality and consistency that guarantees better decision-making strategies. We provide continued existence through risk management and optimization with our established rules of data use and compliance requirements that increase data value. What more? Our operation models help you to control the workflow better with less effort that provides flexibility and scalability. For further details on the services, contact us.

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