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New Version Highlights 2105

SAP Commerce Cloud 2105 offers critical features for an engaging customer experience and high agility for businesses to provide quick time to value.

  • The Backoffice Product Cockpit now has the highly anticipated ‘Quick List’ and ‘Block list’ functionality. The Quick List allows direct access to a user’s specific set of products, while the Block List makes sure that it does not show irrelevant products.
  • SAP Commerce OCC APIs: SAP is gradually migrating accelerator functionality to expose through the Omni Commerce Connect (OCC) layer. This release is no exception. Customer Ticketing OCC & Quotes OCC APIs functionality has been updated.
  • SmartEdit can now benefit from an “Enhanced Site Page with Multiple Content Catalogs to One Site Supported.” This enables to easily edit and preview sites in a hierarchical content catalog setup.
  • SAP BTP Extensions integration now adds the capability to create and deploy microservices-based extensions to SAP Commerce Cloud for effortless customization without compromising upgradability.
  • Extensibility & Integration: SAP keeps investing in the integration modules and release 2105 adds improvements that reduce maintenance and implementation effort while also adding flexibility.
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  • Backoffice Product Management Offers functionalities that can be used complementary and allow product managers to access their range of products quickly, boosting their productivity.
    Moreover, another addition is the “Flexible Search Permission Check on Subtype” feature. It offers configurators and admins more flexibility to adjust item permissions in the Backoffice. It was not possible in earlier versions and a workaround had to be implemented to get equivalent results.”
  • Additional Commerce OCC APIs offer the OCC Error responses where the contents of error responses from OCC APIs can be masked to control the exposure of system messages. It’s an excellent change to prevent leaking internal information that can be used in security exploits, although we also see a need for multi-language support since this would take care of the error response limitations.
  • SmartEdit is a widespread practice to setup content catalogs to enable subsidiaries to customize their content without having to start from zero.
    Another feature added to ‘SmartEdit’ is the “Enhanced Preview Selector with One Content Catalogue to Multiple Sites Supported.“ This is predominantly a quality-of-life change that displays for which site we are previewing when a catalog is linked to multiple sites.”
  • SAP BTP Extensions allow leveraging microservices to customize the standard functions of SAP Commerce Cloud without compromising on upgradability.
    Release 2105 provides the following features:
    • Two new modules (API Registry and SAP BTP Extensions Integration)
    • One-Click Integration
    • Event Exporting
    • Service Registration
    • Business Process Integration
    • Exponential Backoff
    • Dead Letter Queue
    • Event Sending Kill Switch
    • One-Click Client Reset
    • Monitoring
    • Feature-parity with yaasconfiguration
  • Extensibility and Integration permit informing linked systems of the deletion of objects e.g. addresses or credit cards, keeping all systems in sync. It is not a significant functional change, but developers will be happy to follow the REST standard.
    The capability to use the “Exporting Configuration Types” functionality is a game-changer as it enables to export configurations leveraging the Backoffice Integration UI Tool. This means that we can validate our configuration in a test system and export the configuration into a production system, that is less prone to errors.”
  • Webhooks have also received an update and offer developers to have more fine-grained control about when a webhook should be executed. For example, we now can distinguish between create, save and update. We could also configure the webhooks at runtime utilizing the new Meta API. This works effectively in combination with the “Exporting Configuration Types” functionality.

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Upgrade Process


  • New feature analysis
  • Functional requirements
  • Technical requirements
  • Sprint planning & POCs

Upgrade Assessment

  • Upgrade strategy
  • Upgrade questionnaire
  • Analyze code
  • Fit-gap analysis
  • Define project scope
  • Estimates, timeline & project team
  • Assessment report

Upgrade Execution

  • Environment setup
  • Code & data migration
  • Build new features
  • Functional test
  • Regression test
  • User acceptance test


  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvement

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