SAP Commerce Platform

New Version Highlights 2205

SAP Commerce Cloud 2205 delivers a headless experience making business future-ready with its advanced OCC APIs, B2B punchout enhancements, and dedicated support.

The PunchOut functionality has been improved and is now available through the new PunchOut module. The new OCC API for PunchOut performs functions such as establishing a session, creating a profile, and retrieving order information. In addition, strong password requirements for Shared Secret and storage accentuate security, along with new extensions that enhance the overall functionality and efficiency.
Secure Data and Processes by upgrading Environment Permissions in the Commerce Cloud from a subscription-based model to distinct access for specific environments. Frameworks and libraries have been upgraded for improved support, security, and language capabilities. The Private Git Support enables you to connect a private code repository to the SAP Commerce Cloud to avoid risks.
Order Capture for B2B Storefront Users with SAP S/4HANA gives B2B customers a flawless digital experience using its feature-packed and extensive business rules in SAP S/4HANA Sales. Sell CPQ bundled products and SAP variant configuration products from a central hub and get insights to control omnichannel business performance.
Intelligent Selling Services offer customized recommendations to buyers through Recommendations and Merchandising product carousels based on their behaviour. Enhance conversions with A/B testing to test product carousels to display the best performers on the website.
Headless Commerce gives your customers a seamless experience with new public storefront APIs and decoupled integrations for B2B. New APIs such as Future stock and B2B registration help you maximize agility and monetize all interactions.
User Profile helps you manage your Backoffice experience and navigate to your profile. Control your Backoffice credentials, language, and appearance settings from the User Profile menu.
Video Banner Component lets you to include a video component from a local disk or media library and set an internal/external link. Use the supported attributes to configure how you want to display your video.
Themes and Branding allow you to create a sleek and consistent look for your business with customizable UI themes and logos. Offer your customers a rich experience with advanced components and navigation buttons.
Testing and Development Support streamlines all development tasks and the capability to embed and run automated cloud-based performance tests, personalize user permissions, and integrate with private code repositories.
Configurable products support product variants with the help of OCC. You can add product variants to the cart, change their attributes, configure them from the catalog and add to the cart.

Two Weeks Free Assessment

Royal Cyber offers two (2) weeks of complimentary upgrade assessment of the present functionalities and impact. Our experts will analyze the fit-gap and produce an elaborate assessment report with recommendations.

Upgrade Process


  • New Feature Evaluation
  • Functional & Technical requirements
  • Sprint planning & POCs

Upgrade Assessment

  • Upgrade strategy & questionnaire
  • Code and Fit-gap Analysis
  • Elucidate project scope
  • Estimates, timeframe, & project team
  • Assessment report

Upgrade Execution

  • Environment setup
  • Code & data migration
  • Design new features
  • Functional test, User acceptance test, & Regression test


  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvement

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