SAP Commerce Platform

New Version Highlights 2011

SAP Commerce Cloud 2011 consists of essential features that offer an engaging customer experience and high agility for businesses to deliver faster value for the customers.

  • New Commerce OCC APIs for B2C & B2B provide high agility with a Headless Architecture for building Commerce experiences using various channels.
  • The new Extensibility characteristics with Integration APIs & Runtime Data Modeling deliver faster implementations with cloud-native extensibility.
  • Enhancements to Integration APIs accelerate end-to-end integrations with the new Virtual Attributes & Webhooks abilities that give increased runtime configurability.
  • Context-Driven Services integration empowers with capabilities such as Dynamic Affinities and machine-learning based product recommendations to deliver a better customer experience with real-time personalization that improves conversion.
  • Improvements to the Backoffice Framework further improve business user productivity by simplifying time-consuming manual tasks.
  • Omni-Commerce Connect (OCC) APIs allow to de-couple the front-end storefront from the back-end platform, creating a flexible headless commerce system. We can then create multiple commerce touchpoints that make requests to the back-end through API calls. New features include:
    • Configurable Bundles OCC APIs
    • Cart Validation OCC API
    • API Endpoint Deactivation
    • OCC AddOn Converter

  • Context-Driven Services allow a range of functionality to give a personalized experience and increase conversion. Context-Driven Services Foundation creates a picture of the user’s behavior across commerce & non-commerce websites, learning affinities and what interests the users. These affinities and behaviors are used to assign users into segments in real-time, feeding the data into Personalization. Context-Driven Merchandising places the relevant product mixes in front of the users, based on real-time performance metrics. The Context-Driven Services features included with the SAP Commerce Cloud 2011 release are provided below:
    • Event Layer
    • Dynamic Affinities
    • Recommendations
  • Backoffice Framework has been built to permit leading business tools & user interfaces leverage SAP Commerce Cloud core platform functionality. It helps develop easily and in a consistent way. The consistency is ensured through one single business tool environment and web application and have domain-specific functionality tied in as plugins.
    The SAP Commerce Cloud 2011 release has introduced the following enhancements and features to Backoffice Framework:
    • Password Change
    • Filtering of the Catalog Tree and Date with Advanced Search
    • Bulk Editing
    • Classification Features and Metadata
  • The capabilities of Search and Navigation allow to configure how customers browse through category navigation. It facilitates customers to search for products based on keywords or facets. SAP Commerce Cloud 2011 has also added Adaptive Search Grouping feature.
  • The Integration API permits for dynamic configuration of services that empower us to load, retrieve, and push data from SAP Commerce Cloud. SAP Commerce Cloud 2011 has introduced a variety of features that enrich the integration experience for administrators and consumers of the APIs. The new capabilities are:
    • Virtual Attributes
    • Webhooks
    • Enhanced Security
  • Kyma run-time is an extensibility platform for SAP Commerce Cloud that allows us to use microservices to extend the standard functions of SAP Commerce Cloud without compromising on upgradability. Release 2011 provides the following new features:
    • Kyma – Improved Usability of Integration API
    • Runtime Attributes

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Upgrade Process


  • New feature analysis
  • Functional requirements
  • Technical requirements
  • Sprint planning & POCs

Upgrade Assessment

  • Upgrade strategy
  • Upgrade questionnaire
  • Analyze code
  • Fit-gap analysis
  • Define project scope
  • Estimates, timeline & project team
  • Assessment report

Upgrade Execution

  • Environment setup
  • Code & data migration
  • Build new features
  • Functional test
  • Regression test
  • User acceptance test


  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvement

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