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Marketing Cloud

IBM Marketing Cloud, a cloud-based digital marketing provider, offers email marketing, mobile engagement solutions, and lead-to-revenue management. Customer’s individual data and behaviors are collected from various sources by IBM Marketing Cloud to drive personalized interactions in real time.

On behalf of IBM, IBM Marketing Cloud makes meaningful customer experiences across applications, devices by accelerating today’s results and tomorrow’s goals.

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The IBM Marketing Cloud Platform

Universal Behavior

Captures and manages behavior across all digital and offline channels to create deep insights into each individual

Single Identity

Connects every customer touch point into a single view

Connect Icon

Sends personalized messages wherever each customer prefers to connect

Behavioral Insights

Discovers customer preference by analyzing data from all devices and channels

Behavioral Marketing Automation

Data in silos – Fragmented picture of customers
Lack of control – Inability to efficiently manage data
Irrelevant content – Difficulty in customizing content
Appropriate channel – Challenges in identifying the right channels to get your customer’s attention
Real-time execution – Inability to execute in real-time
Lack of insight – Lack of clarity on how individuals interact with your brand

Our consulting services are designed to help you:

Harness multichannel, behavioral marketing in one powerful engine
Create landing pages and web forms effortlessly to seize and generate more leads
Create automated lead generation and campaigns
Shorten the time to realize ROI with results-generating campaigns
Make informed decisions about marketing strategy and provide substantiated metrics reports to stakeholders
Grow and evolve your marketing efforts without barriers
Enhance your enterprise’s digital strategy with our tailored services for IBM Marketing Cloud.

IBM Unica Products

IBM Unica, can deliver single, personalized experiences across channels to increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and sales. It provides a family of product that covers customer analyze, runtime decisioning, execution, the whole marketing lifecycle.

IBM Campaign

Design, deliver and measure personalized marketing programs across channels.

IBM Contact Optimization

Determine the optimal contact strategy for individual customers.

IBM Opportunity Detect

Improve cross-sell and retention rates with a better understanding of customer behavior over time.

IBM Interact

Determine the right personalized messages to present across digital marketing channels.

IBM Marketing Operations

Roll out marketing campaigns faster by tracking processes, budgets and expenses with one collaborative tool.

IBM Distributed Marketing

Enable local marketing teams to access and customize corporate marketing campaigns.

Learn how to deliver exceptional customer experiences across all channels.

IBM Xtify Products

Push notifications excites mobile customer engagement programs into high-gear. Xtify provides mobile app publishers with the tools to execute push and location-triggered notification campaigns.

IBM Mobile Push Notification – Create notification campaigns that engage mobile app users at the optimal time and place.
IBM Mobile Web Push – Dynamically trigger near-real-time, one-to-one notifications for your mobile and tablet websites.
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