Portfolio, Product, and Project Management

Portfolio, Product and Project Management

Achieving a return on investment always requires a critical balance of many factors. Projects can easily fail to achieve their projected returns by miscalculated budgets , schedules overruns or failing to deliver the agreed scope. It is highly important to estimate the right software investments, also at the same time it’s critical to execute the project successfully and keep it on track with the milestones set for it. If you want to be sure about your project success, you need to have a close visibility of project at all levels, whether at start up; to analyze the ROI and profitability , in middle; to judge the executions of tasks and quality or at the end ; to measure whole project performance, you need a greater insight , a comprehensive visibility into all aspects of your project.

This is where you need help of project, portfolio and product management (PPM) .

PPM is all about analyzing your assets, needs, budgets constraints, schedules, market driven forces , threats and measuring them against your project stability and organization growth. As a successful project manager you would always appreciate to have a complete objective analysis of proposed project throughout its lifecycle.

A successful project manager always wants to

  • Manage investments in new products and services
  • Allocate company resources effectively
  • Balance project pros and cons
  • Analyze risks, short term value against long term, technology availability etc
  • Produce timely and actionable information
  • Implement analytical and quick decision making
  • Bridge gaps within company e.g; engineering oriented team & business oriented team

Rational Tool Kit for Portfolio, Project and Product Management ( PPM )Consulting

If you want to incorporate all these activities for your project, then certainly IBM Rational PPM solutions can be the right choice for you. Rational PPM solutions can help in you in easily quantify all logical scenarios which may help you to launch your product at the right time, to the right people and with the right price.

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