Test, Design & Deploy Your
Pilot Environment with Microsoft Azure Pilot

Test Drive Your Cloud Environment

Test and experiment with the cloud before making any commitment. Identify the benefits of Microsoft Azure
when applied to specific workloads
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Test Backups & Failover Easily
Test and Development
CaaS (Azure Kubernetes Service)
PaaS (Azure App Service, Azure Spring Cloud)
FaaS (Azure Functions)
Hybrid (On-Premises, Public Cloud & Private Cloud)

How does Azure Pilot work?

Azure Work

What you can expect in Azure Pilot

  • Workshop to determine requirements and discuss the art of the possible
  • Create a high-level design based on workshop outcomes

  • Pilot environment ready to start using
  • Production of a working design and documentation
  • Migration and testing of up to five workloads to the pilot environment
Visualize Your Cloud Journey with Azure Pilot Cloud