IBM MobileFirst

Get Closer to Mobile Users with Intuitive Interactions

Enterprise Mobility Solutions for Connecting Brands with Customers

IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation is a unified platform that extends the business to mobile devices. Every organization can efficiently develop, connect, run, and manage rich mobile applications that can access the full capabilities of your target mobile devices.

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Accelerate Your Business Initiatives

Build in a Safe Environment

Better Manage App Lifecycles

Gain Analytic Insights

Power your Apps

Unify Essential Services

Create Great Mobile Experiences

Simplify App Development
App Security
Optimize & Streamline Processes
Integrate Cognitive & Cloud APIs
Use App Troubleshooting & Problem Determination
Identify Habits From User Data
Deploy a Rich, Back-End Logic Engine to Extend Capabilities
Use Essential Back-End Services
Extend Your Business to Mobile Devices Today!

Product Insights

IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation has the following capabilities:

Cross Platform Omni Channel Application Development
Back-End Connections
Push Notifications
Offline Mode
Security & Privacy in the Cloud
Application Publishing

Boost Revenue & Drive Digital Innovation

  • Delivering innovative mobile applications using following technologies: Cordova, Ionic, iOS, Android, Windows 8.1 and 10, Web application, React Native.
  • Enabling the conception of rich, Cross platform Omni channel application development without using code translation, proprietary interpreters, or unpopular scripting languages

  • Ensuring that the time-to-market, cost and complexity of development is reduced, and that an enhanced user experience is presented across a range of mobile devices

  • Creating a real-time, collaborative flow of mission-critical data from the field, for better decision-making and improving business performance