Harness the Power of Mobile without Compromising on Security

Mobile applications bring a unique challenge to data security. They can consolidate an intricate blend of technologies as well as internet services, embedded browsers, native device code, federated identity services and much more. As an untethered corporate gadget, it poses tremendous risk to big business information and corporate data.

Mobile application development is getting competitive with heaps of new platforms and products. What makes it more competitive is that the client provides strict timelines. Most of the clients expect their mobile application to come on board in weeks instead of months, as they know that delay of every day means that their contender will also be catching up in pace.

Consequently, the clients would wish for a quick mobile application development and at the same time, do not settle for anything less on security and features. Henceforth, the mobile solution developers are trying for ways that to satisfy the mobile application design to fulfill the aggressive mobile security deadlines.

IBM MobileFirst Platform

The IBM MobileFirst supports clients to create mobile apps that integrate data from various enterprise systems that are appropriate and personalized, and secure. It combines both public and private cloud elements to integrate third party tools within the app.

IBM MobileFirst is a set of product that is intended to simplify and accelerate mobile implementation by offering mobile application management and mobile application development modules capabilities in this product line.

The IBM Mobile First’s portfolio can help enterprises of any size to quickly speed up development tasks for multiple platforms effortlessly. It can be utilized productively to develop, run and manage mobile applications for matching the security standards of any business with global standards.

IBM MobileFirst Platform offers

  • To create & test high quality Hybrid, Web and Native app development for iOS, Windows, Android and BlackBerry devices
  • Ease Backend systems interaction using wizards that reduce a lot of coding efforts
  • Browser based preview can speed up the testing and debugging process
  • App components can be reused or imported to other application within the project
  • Security, management and continuous distribution & delivery of apps
  • Uses user authentication & encryption for mobile app data
  • Using MobileFirst Server hosted by application server for reuse authentication capabilities
  • On-premises & managed service delivery

Mobile Future with Royal Cyber

Royal Cyber has a team of mobility consultants and domain experts to help you shape up an advanced and wholesome mobile app for your organization. If you need any help on creating your first mobile application with IBM MobileFirst, feel free to write to us at [email protected] , we will be happy to hear from you.

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