Leverage Your Huge Data Stack With Elastic Search

NoSQL database models to reduce operational complexity & maintain data consistency

Apache Cassandra is the database with highest levels of reliability and scalability. When we group Elasticsearch and Cassandra, it fusions the robust and fast Elasticsearch engine with scalability and elasticity of Cassandra. It is the integration of Elasticsearch and Cassandra database that results in extremely available database search center and secondary index data store.

Comparison Table of RDBMS & NoSQL Database

Elasticsearch & Cassandra Database Architecture


Streamlined Data Pipeline for Elasticsearch

With Cassandra database as a main data storage, it eliminates the need to replicate and manage data to Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch Stack

Elassandra is compatible with the Elasticsearch stack, empowering to use common Logstash, Kibana, Spark, Beat, and several plugins.

Cross Datacenter Model for Elasticsearch

Cassandra database embraces asynchronous multi-datacenter replication and several mechanisms for repairing the data loss.

Master less Architecture

Elassandra removes the single point of failure by using a distributed transaction for configuration management.

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Simpler Management

Royal Cyber offers support and plugins to secure and monitor the Elasticsearch.

Scaling on Demand

Elassandra extends your Elasticsearch files when adding new nodes, allowing it to scale-out to fit the business needs without any down-time or full maintenance of your operations.

Use Cases for Elassandra

  • Refining global scientific research and collaboration.
  • Enabling users to find the learning content they want.
  • Providing real-time insight into critical business email communications.
  • Placing millions of data points on the map.
  • Apprising financial institutions’ legacy systems.
  • Driving revenue through increased marketing conversion rates.
  • Boosting internal collaboration and professional productivity.
  • Providing a one-stop eCommerce platform.
  • Bringing the local shopping mall experience online.
  • Identifying digital influencers to boost marketing campaigns.
  • Increasing positive customer interactions.
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