Broker and Webspher Commerce Integration

Connectivity to, from and within an Enterprise

Decrease Operating Costs
Dedicating roles and responsibilities that eliminates duplication and unwanted services.

Increase control over service provider
Custom processes and reporting tools improve the ability to measure against operating level agreements to streamline engaging and disengaging suppliers.

Improving Flexibility and Responsiveness
The terms for engagement and operating principles are pre-defined, providing increased flexibility for acquisitions, divestments and changes to business strategy.

Reducing Risk, Improving Regulatory Compliance
Employing uniform procedure with clear accountability applied evenly and consistently.

Process Efficiency Across the Organization
Automating the processes that empowers you to avoid new hires and reassign staff for other activities to help your business grow.

Dramatically Improved Visibility
Information being available anytime anywhere, data can be extracted to make informed, accurate and faster decisions.

Accelerated Growth
Using an integrated software system, spreading out to multiple locations can be accomplished in a unified manner.

Royal Cyber Embracing the Entire Middleware Technology Stack

Competitive Rates – Are you looking out for middleware implementation/ consulting? Or are you looking to hire a professional middleware developer, architect or consultant? We have the most competitive rates in the market for Middleware Integration Services.

Proven Delivery Approach – We show quick results that often involve our clients in every step. Our delivery process is quick, competent, and cost effective, which has the ability to meet the project goals and also to stay within the budget.

Professional Middleware Consultants – Our team of middleware experts are capable in helping companies to direct, create, design, deploy and check custom middleware solutions.

Transparent & Collaborative – Complete visibility of the middleware project from day one. We work with the right engagement model and delivery methodology to meet the unique needs of the organization.

Customer Satisfaction – We take customer satisfaction earnestly by offering a dedicated project manager and account manager, so that all phases of your engagement runs smoothly.

Technology Supported

Today, enterprises face extreme pressure to stay responsive and agile to an impulsive business environment. The extent of ideas and knowledge will help close the gap across all enterprises and technology. We are just not another IT company, as we passionately have confidence in a proactive support to stay focused on making your technology reliable.



IBM Integration Bus (IIB)

Operational Decision Management (ODM)

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)e

Message Broker


IBM Bluemix

Auditing and Monitoring employing Monitor Pro

Migration of ESB to IIB

Integration Message Broker to Datapower-IBM API-ODM

Integration Message Broker to Commerce

Our certified WebSphere MQ & Message Broker consultants can help you design, validate, and implement a complete messaging infrastructure along with the applications that distribute and transform information in real time and establish end-to-end communications using diverse message structures and formats.

Key highlights of our WebSphere MQ / Message broker Support offering:

  • Installation and Configuration of WebSphere MQ / WebSphere Message Broker
  •   Upgrade and Migration process
  •   Applying WebSphere MQ/Message Broker fix packs, feature packs etc.
  •   Maintaining Development and Production environment
  •   Creating connectivity solutions on WebSphere Message Broker
  •   Application Development using native MQ interfaces & JMS (Java Messaging System)
  •   Developing WebSphere MQ components to integrate with legacy applications
  •   Configuring WebSphere MQ & Message Broker with other environments
  •   Tuning and Performance improvement using proven techniques and best practices
  •   Testing & Troubleshooting a WebSphere MQ & Message Broker Environment
  •   Monitoring your messaging infrastructure and configuring SMS and Email alerts
  •   Setting up monitoring tools to examine uptime, bytes per second, requests per minute etc.
  •   Deployment Strategies including Distributed Queue Management and Clustering Techniques
  •   Setting up Failover and High Availability configurations
  •   WebSphere MQ Health and Security Assessment
  •   Experienced and certified resources
  •   Free trial for up to 40 hours

Get more from your existing systems with WebSphere MQ Health-check

WebSphere® MQ is the back bone of the Messaging Services for SOA and for your entire architecture of the applications and web Services that need to exchange data and events with proven reliability, consistency, and transactional integrity.

WebSphere® MQ is a widely used messaging platform providing reliable communication and integration services for efficient IT infrastructure and SOA implementation to maintain global redundancy for seamless delivery.

Royal Cyber is offering MQ Health Check to help you get most of your MQ implementation where our consultants will design and review the security and performance of your organization’s MQ implementation and assess a number of key areas where improvements can be found.

After the analysis, MQ Health Check Report will be delivered to you with detailed findings and high level recommendations and on implementation it will gear up your enterprise through addressing the followings issues:

  • Performance
  • Compliance
  • Security
  • Availability
  • Auditability
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Monitoring
  • Flexibility
  • Consistency
  • Scalability
  • Scripts/Automation
  • Upgrades

Our Health Check Assessment allows you to determine vulnerabilities in your MQ infrastructure without being intrusive and with no cost.

Royal Cyber Offers

Health Assessment Covers

A customized Health Check item list will also be prepared based on your enterprise’s specific requirements and will consist of the followings, but not limited to;

Network (topology, bandwidth, connectivity),

Hardware (platforms, disk space, free space, high speed disks, configurations, connectivity)

Operating System (version, fix level)

Application (infrastructure requirements and design, application design, source code standards, other standards and conventions)

Object Definitions (queue manager instances, queues and other MQ objects, naming standards, Scripts for the objects)

Error Management & logging (Circular / Linear Logging, Archive logging, Time for archiving, Logging space issues, Clean up scripts, log archiving on local or remote host, Error handling, definition of Backout queues and Dead letter queues, how Errors are handled)

Security (requirements, groups and access authority, relation to other security systems, use of MQ integration, client connections, and security gaps)

Performance (requirements, throughput and response times, message sizes, message volume, max volume and max volume intervals, message formats, [ message type i.e. request/reply, Fire & forget, Publish/subscribe] , batch sizes, triggering and channel initiation, persistence)

Connectivity ( Inter-applications and MQ client connection, handling during dropped/broken connection scenario, reconnection)

Backups (Backups of Objects, authorities, .ini file, SSL key rings, Backup location [remote /local ], backup scripts, level of security of the backup scripts, Database backups)

Testing (identification of development test schedules and appropriate tool selection, functional testing, failure testing, stress analysis)

Management (administration, monitoring, reporting, problem determination, problem prevention, operator procedures)

Project Team Organization (roles and responsibilities, skills, training)

Disaster recovery (review, if it is already in place)

Version (usage check, upgrade options and efforts)

Monitoring (What monitoring tool is in place, Configuration of monitoring tool, areas where it can perform best)

Update ( Fix packs or updates if needed)

HA environments (What technique used Multi-Instance Queue managers, OS clustering, Power-HA (HACMP), or Veritas Cluster Server (VCH), etc. …)

Royal Cyber will perform an on-site or off-site audit which will include meetings, interviews, and supervised VPN enabled access to the client’s implemented computing system. Royal Cyber Inc. will present a report for approval to the client describing our findings with prioritized recommendations for actions and areas where there would be beneficial improvement can occur based on our analysis of audit information and research on your MQ infrastructure.

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