IBM Cloud Pak

Build a More Unified Cloud Strategy towards Digital Transformation with IBM Cloud Pak

Royal Cyber is an IBM Partner that supports you in deploying Cloud Pak to accelerate your journey to the cloud.

Our services empower your business to transform how your company operates with an open, extensible platform that runs on any cloud. We can help you keep in pace with the increasing data volumes, and analyze your data to gain insights at the speed of your business requirement.

IBM Gold Business Partner

IBM Cloud Pak’s

Faster & Reliable Way to Digital Transformation

A faster, more secure way to move your core business applications to any cloud through enterprise-ready containerized software solutions

IBM Cloud Paks Middleware anywhere

Complete yet simple

Application, data and AI services, fully modular and easy to consume


IBM certified

Full software stack support, and ongoing security, compliance and version compatibility

Run anywhere

On-premises, on private and public clouds, and in pre-integrated systems
Build, deploy, and manage applications & services rapidly with IBM Bluemix

Royal Cyber Cloud Pak Services


IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

Build, deploy, and run applications.


IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Collect, analyze, and organize data.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

Integrate apps, cloud services, data, and APIs.

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation

Transform business processes, content, and decisions.


IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

Multicloud visibility, automation, and governance.

Royal Cyber Cloud Pak Implementation Services

  • Installation of ICP, OpenShift On-Premises/any cloud
  • Installation of Cloud Pak’s on any cloud (AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud) or On-Premises or Power Systems both in Single node and HA architecture
  • Installation of Cross Cloud Pak Common Services
  • Configuring of POD Overview Dashboard, Logging and monitoring features
  • Implementation of Services on middleware tools running on IBM Cloud Pak for Integration
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  • Migration of monolithic workload from On-Premises to microservices using IBM transformation advisor on IBM Cloud Pak for Applications
  • Building Analytics using IBM Cloud Pak for Data
  • Implementation of Multicloud visibility, automation, and governance using Cloud Pak for Multi-cloud Management
  • Implement Automation of business process and flows using IBM Cloud Pak for Automation
Transform & Modernize your legacy, monolithic apps using IBM Cloud Pak for Application

How will Cloud Pak help your Customers?

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    The Cloud Pak offers seamless deployment of containerized solutions onto IBM’s public cloud, through a managed OpenShift service.
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    Build new cloud-native apps and modernize workloads through a curated catalog of productivity tools.
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    Keep your familiar OpenShift experience, while the cloud transformation eases the pain of security, scale, and infrastructure management.
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    Delivered in a form factor designed that are easy to install, manage, and start.
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    Create custom templates accessible across your organization, through a private catalog hosted on Cloud.
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    Accelerate the development of application environments and maintain them with security-rich, enterprise-grade services.
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    It provides you with a way to extend cloud solutions to your organization in less than a day.

Each Cloud Pak is set up on these Principles

Run anywhere: Containers for running on public clouds, on-premises, or in an integrated system.
Open and secure: These Cloud Pak’s have gone through the best-practices scans, so you are rest assured that you are getting the latest software that secures the entire stack.
Flexible and consumable: Consumption-based, you pay for what you use and use what you want.

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