IBM Event Streams

Delivering Engaging Experiences with Real-Time Events using IBM Event Streams

Transforming & Enriching Data in Real Time

Deliver More Engaging Customer Experiences with IBM Event Streams. IBM Event Streams is a high-throughput, fault-tolerant, event streaming platform based on Apache Kafka. It is an ideal platform to build intelligent, responsive, event-driven applications leveraging existing data to help you become an event-driven enterprise.

IBM Stream Event

Flexible Deployment Models

On IBM Cloud
On Other Clouds (Azure, AWS, GCP)

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Event Stream Service Offerings


Event Stream Consulting

Experienced consultants with capability to help enterprises build real-world event-driven applications that integrate and analyze high velocity data sources


Event Stream Application Development & Implementation

Our experts who help enterprises to develop, deploy and manage event-driven applications with IBM Event Streams

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Event Stream Integration

Our integration experts who can integrate Event Streams with enterprise application to support any use case including Big Data, IoT etc.


Event Stream Support and Managed Services

End-to-end application management and monitoring of the fastest and most scalable distributed streaming platform

Features of Event Streams

Deploy production-ready Apache Kafka onto Red Hat OpenShift in minutes
Rely on disaster recovery & security designed for mission-critical use
Health check to help identify issues with your clusters and brokers.
Exploit existing data to become a real Event Driven Enterprise
Develop Apps Efficiently with a Flexible Schema Registry
Publish Events from Anywhere with the REST Producer API
Build intelligent apps on IBM Event Streams
Award-winning user experience
Powerful Ops Tooling
Schema Registry
Geo-replication for DR
Connector catalog
Unrivalled MQ connectivity

Benefits of Event Streams

  • Offload work to back-end worker applications
  • Publish event data to multiple applications to react in real time
  • Connect event streams to streaming analytics to get powerful insights