Rapid Cloud Integration with IBM App Connect

IBM App Connect Enterprise v11.0

IBM App Connect Enterprise v11.0 is the official successor of IBM Integration Bus (IIB). It brings together the best of the existing, industry-trusted IIB with the new IBM Cloud native technologies to deliver a platform that supports a range of integrations across the modern digital enterprise.

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Cloud Integration Services

Cast Iron Cloud Integration with Other Platforms
CICI with MS Dynamic

Cloud Integration

CICI with SalesForce

CICI Salesforce



App Connect Professional Services & Offerings


IBM IIB 11 upgrade
Design & Development
Proof of Concept
Monitoring App Connect

ACE Training

App Connect API Testing
ACE Troubleshooting
IBM ACE 11 Fix Pack Upgrade
ACE Agile Integration Services Support
IBM App Connect Implementation

ACE Administration And Support

App Connect Implementation on Cloud

App Connect Enterprise Monitoring Tool
Monitoring & Exception Handling Framework
App Connect Performance Tuning

What Does App Connect Professional Provide?

Integrate cloud, mobile and on-premises applications in days.
Simplify integration and reduce the need for specialized skills.
Accelerate integration with pre-built connectors and templates.

Monitor Your IBM Middleware Service Transaction

End To End with Monitor Pro

Monitor Pro - Royal Cyber

Monitor Pro is a monitoring application for IBM Middleware environment to capture information pertaining to the business transactions. It is highly scalable and can track millions of transactions for the businesses. It determines both success and failure that leverages various scripts to rectify the transaction failure.

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Key Integration Patterns

Creating data mash-ups across disparate data sources
API based access for easy consumption in digital apps.
SaaS Integration to handle bulk load, bi-directional sync and trickle feed

Simplified Cloud Integration

Cast Iron

Integrate Cloud & On Premise Application in days!

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Complete connectivity with rich, out-of-the-box connectors to cloud and on-premises applications

transform icon

Graphical mapping for easy transformation of data from source to target format

Design Icon

Work with data in chunks using split, or row by row using looping constructs like while & for-each

Manage Icon

Easy management & monitoring of your integration projects & resources through App Connect Web Management Console

Amplify Your Decision Making Capability – Choose from Endless Connectivity

Key Features:

Universal Connectivity
  • Unlimited endpoint connectivity at no additional changes

  • Out-of-the-box, rich connectors to industry leading SaaS and enterprise applications

  • Technology connectors for database and connectivity protocols

Complete Scalability
  • Only solution that offers three different deployment options
  • Allows complete flexibility to scale your IT strategies at your own pace
  • Affordable pricing options for every business, with auto-scaling to accommodate increased loads Complete Scalability
Fit For Purpose Tooling
  • Tooling to enable business users to build useful interactions between applications
  • Comprehensive, configuration based tooling for developing more complex scenarios ‘Fit for Purpose’ tooling
Total Reusability
  • Benefit from best-practices and previous success Total Reusability
  • Provides a user-friendly template-based approach via the Template Integration Projects (TIP), giving you templates of common integration scenarios

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