Integrate Applications & Data with Microsoft BizTalk

Successful businesses use Microsoft BizTalk to integrate different systems, applications and data to identify opportunities and deliver solutions. From supply chain management to business reporting, Microsoft BizTalk helps you to change the way you do business. We will help you to get started by providing insight and guidance on deploying and managing BizTalk.

Composing Business Processes

BizTalk Server

Ask Us How to Connect Disparate Systems?

What is BizTalk Server?

BizTalk Server is an application integration platform, a Business Process Manager
BizTalk enables applications to pass messages to each other
BizTalk enables long running transactions for business processes  
BizTalk Server connects diverse applications, then if needed, graphically allows you to define the logic that controls the business process  

Expert Solutions with a Global Perspective

Royal Cyber brings with it, years of industry specialization and expertise to help businesses get the maximum advantage of implementing Microsoft BizTalk.

BizTalk Solutions



  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Managed EDI Services
  • HIPAA compliance & the HL7 standard
  • BizTalk SWIFT protocol integration


  • Salesforce
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (BizTalk SOA)
  • JD Edwards


  • SharePoint Server
  • SQL Server
  • SAP
  • Oracle Database & Oracle EBS
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BizTalk Capabilities

Microsoft BizTalk helps companies automate business processes easily by:
Facilitating the integration and automation capabilities of XML and Web Services technologies
Leveraging BizTalk application-integration server for cloud services
Integrating SAP, SQL Server, Oracle EBS and other servers on cloud and on premises
Expediting business activity monitoring
Integrating a variety of different applications and data

Our Consultancy and Solutions with BizTalk Revolve Around These Spheres:

Biztalk supply chain icon

Supply chain management

Biztalk Payment Processing icon

Payment processing

Biztalk electronic data interchange icon

Business-to-business Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

BizTalk Reporting Icon


Biztalk Decision Management System Icon

Decision management systems

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How Can Royal Cyber Help?

Microsoft BizTalk helps companies automate business processes easily and simplifies communication between disparate enterprise software systems.

Royal Cyber’s expert BizTalk consultants help you with all crucial aspects of your business’s IT needs and provide flexible, fast and affordable services.

We provide:

  • Custom software development and enhancement
  • BizTalk installation and configuration
  • Date migration
  • Upgrades
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Functional and technical training
  • Performance review and tuning
  • Onshore and offshore development and Quality Assurance teams
  • Ongoing support and monitoring
  • Reporting and business intelligence

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