Formerly known as WebSphere Commerce and WebSphere Commerce Suite (WCS), HCL Commerce V9 is a software platform framework for eCommerce which includes marketing, sales, customer, and order processing functionalities in an integrated and tailorable package.

While earlier versions of HCL Commerce depended on a monolithic architecture, HCL Commerce V9 has been separated into different application services and provides a Microservices architecture, Docker images and the elimination of instance or servers from the HCL Commerce V9 deployment.

HCL provides ready out-of-the-box docker images and the respective Helm charts to use and deploy HCL Commerce on OpenShift and build an OOB Commerce store. This allows for easy installation and management of the OpenShift applications, with customized Helm charts for each module to achieve a smooth deployment.

OpenShift is an enterprise version of Kubernetes that assists in providing efficient container orchestration, rapid container provisioning, deploying, scaling and management of the containers. How OpenShift’s features makes HCL Commerce V9 deployment fast, simplified and helps to maintain industry security standards.

Discussion Topics:

HCL Commerce V9 and OpenShift Overview
OpenShift Core Components
OpenShift and Helm Architecture
Deploying HCL Commerce v9.1 on a OpenShift Cluster using Helm Charts
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