Seamless Cloud-based ETL and Data Integration with Data-driven Pipelines

Enterprises need to integrate data sources to get a real-time view of business performance. Azure Data Factory has proven itself a reliable and efficient data integration alternative to conventional SQL Server Integration Services by allowing data movement and orchestration on both cloud and on-premise systems. It enables you to easily integrate data, generate pipelines for movement, and transform data sets without writing any code.

Learn from our experts how to handle structured and unstructured data, and create pipelines to complete an end-to-end process on Azure Data Factory. Our data experts will migrate ecommerce data from Azure Blob Storage, transform it, and move it to its destination location – Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2.

Discussion Topics:

Introduction to ADF (Azure Data Factory) & Key Features
Data Migration from A Multitude of Sources
Creating Pipelines to Transform Data
Environment Setup
Use of Data Flows for Transformations
Monitoring Results
Ecommerce Case Study
Question & Answer Session
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