Today’s rapidly evolving technologies have made it easier for enterprises to collect, use and transfer data worldwide. As a result, the regulation of data has expanded, imposing complicated and often conflicting privacy and data protection standards. At the same time, business and legal risks associated with non-compliance have increased.

The introduction of the personal data protection laws is a major development in Saudi Arabia’s legislative landscape that will affect almost all entities operating in the financial, telecommunications, and IT/cloud services market or who offer their services to Saudi customers.

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Penalties for breach of the law include imprisonment for up to two years and/or fines of up to SAR 5 million (approx. €1.1 million).

What can you learn?

Main Features of Saudi’s Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL)
Getting started with the obligations
Best practices and recommendations to help build an effective data governance program
Lessons learned from GDPR & CCPA remediation projects
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