Spartacus Storefront – The Future of SAP Commerce!

SAP Commerce Cloud has been rapidly evolving and greater expectations are set with the new Spartacus Storefront. With the emergence of Headless commerce, we now have a more powerful and versatile architecture. Developers can develop a new frontend or use the existing frontend. With users interacting with content in new ways, traditional CMS might not be enough for many companies.

SAP Commerce Cloud has a dedicated headless storefront catering to both B2C and B2B businesses.

Spartacus is an Angular-based JavaScript storefront for SAP Commerce Cloud. It is an opensource project that anyone can access by downloading the source code freely. It is also published as a set of libraries that can be used to create a branded storefront app – import the published Spartacus libraries into the custom app, change styling, add features, and publish the branded storefront!

By moving to Spartacus, you can ensure your business is moving in the right direction. Spartacus is the future since enterprises will soon stop using JSP-based monolithic accelerators and use the Spartacus Headless Storefront instead. Royal Cyber has successfully implemented a Spartacus Storefront for our esteemed client Fletcher Building who will be participating in this webinar and highlighting the benefits of moving to a Spartacus Storefront. Join the webinar and discover how Royal Cyber’s dedicated team of certified SAP Commerce Cloud experts can help you with future-proofing your business.

Discussion Topics:

Introduction to Spartacus Storefront
How Spartacus allows B2B Businesses to Upgrade Faster, Save Money and Expand Sales
Why Headless Commerce makes for Faster Upgrades
What SPAs and PWAs are and how Spartacus enhances Mobile Commerce
How Royal Cyber combines Spartacus with In-house Solutions to create a Unique Platforms
Question & Answer Session
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