HCL Commerce & Google Cloud Collaboration

E-Commerce is an industry that has grown from strength to strength in the last two decades and has cemented itself as one of the most profitable industries during the pandemic. Its potential for profit shows no sign of abating soon. However, E-Commerce is heavily reliant on the latest technologies, and therefore, now more than ever, E-Commerce needs the cloud. With the help of cloud computing technology, e-commerce businesses can make use of cloud technology’s scalability, in-built security, computing speed, etc., along with high savings.

HCL Commerce, one of the leading e-commerce software, has announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud. Businesses that already use HCL Commerce can also choose to deploy their environment on Google Cloud, thus leveraging the many benefits associated with Google Cloud, which are discussed within this E-guide. Besides the benefits of cloud technology, they can also harness the exclusive advantages that come from this partnership, such as up to 70% savings in configuration time and set up owing to autoscaling, use of Google APIs for customized e-commerce experiences, etc.

Along with discussing the critical benefits of HCL Commerce on Google Cloud, this E-guide also highlights a specific instance of a company deploying their HCL Commerce on Google Cloud. We outline the many challenges this company was facing, their approach to meeting those challenges, and the Google Cloud-native solutions employed to deploy HCL Commerce on Google Cloud effectively.
This E-guide highlights how Royal Cyber as a long-term, trusted partner for both these platforms, is best suited to helping you develop a solution that leverages this synergy so that your e-commerce business can reach its fullest potential. It also highlights the solutions our Google Cloud experts will employ and additional resources to learn more and make a completely informed decision.

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