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About the Client

The client is a leading American instrumentation engineering company headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, with its main factory in Bridgeport, New Jersey. They focus on connecting the challenges of their customers to engineers with extensive knowledge that hold a true passion for problem-solving.

The client was looking to provide real-time sales and service support to their customers in a complex purchase process with the help of customer service agents. By partnering with Royal Cyber, an SAP Gold partner, the client was able to develop the Assisted Service Module (ASM), which enables employees to provide real-time customer sales support.

Business Challenges

Customers spent maximum time and effort during the purchase journey on the storefront
Most of times customers were not able to complete their transactions due to the complex purchase process
No help or support was available to customers facing uncertainty or technical issues
The client needed a solution to avoid revenue loss due to shopping cart abandonment

Business Solution

Developed the Assisted Service Module (ASM) to provide real-time customer sales support
Extended functionality of existing web storefronts, with assisted purchase journey aided by customer service agents
Enabled real-time customer service, support, and guided selling for complex products and services
Emulated customers carts to allow the agent to guide customers through the purchasing process
Capability of displaying ASM agent-restricted content such as special promotions, individual pricing, amongst others

Key Outcomes


and Quick Customer Service


Customer Satisfaction



Provided Real-time

Customer Sale Support Services


Conversion Rates


Cart Abandonment

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