About the Client

Our client is a US-based independent news organization that aims to provide high-quality, localized news to underserved communities across the country. They rely on their digital platform to distribute news content to their audience, including social media platforms like TikTok. Royal Cyber provided support services in the areas of GCP migration and infrastructure setup and TikTok API development services.

Business Challenges

The client needed robust IT infrastructure to handle an increase in traffic to the website and social media platforms, especially TikTok.
Did not have a TikTok integration feature, which prevented users from sharing the news, thus reducing the client’s visibility and reach.
The client suffered from high costs and inefficiencies due to databases and websites being located on legacy infrastructure.

Business Solution

Developed and executed a GCP migration strategy, so that the client could enjoy robust and highly available infrastructure at a reduced cost.
Cloud migration has helped the website handle higher incoming traffic to their website.
Developed and released a custom TikTok API that allows users to share news stories on the platform, thus increasing their reach and visibility to a newer audience.
Following agile methodology, we enabled faster time to market for the client to release their latest features and capabilities.

Key Outcomes


Increase in social media engagement


Reduced operation cost


Increase in overall efficiency of IT operations

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