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About the Client

Our client is a US-based software company that has developed a unique visual engagement tool for e-commerce companies. With this application, companies can use 3D and AR capabilities to help customers better understand how the actual product looks before buying. In addition, by collaborating with our team, the client built a cloud-first infrastructure on Google Cloud, thus improving app performance and scalability. These developments helped increase end-user satisfaction and draw more sales for the client’s customers.

Business Challenges

Inability to stand out in the market and offer customized experiences
Lack of advanced asset management and catalogue restructuring technology
Unpleasant customer experiences
Inadequate technology to handle complex features of the application.

Business Solution

Deployed fully managed Kubernetes cluster with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
Build and Scale APIs with Apigee API
Increased global reach with faster website and media content delivery with Cloud CDN
Built, Tested, and deployed Kubernetes code with GCP Cloud Build
Utilized Google Cloud Storage for the storage of miscellaneous media files and data.

Key Outcomes


Decrease in Product Return

20-30% Increase

Inbound Lead Generation

AR & 3D Configuration

Capabilities Enabled


Increase in Repeat Buyers

Our Customers Enjoy Our Process


Modernizing applications to truly make them future-proof is a challenge. But with the constant support of the Royal Cyber GCP team, we were able to utilize GCP services to their fullest potential and create a highly scalable application that worked faster and performed better.”


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