All About Salesforce Einstein Chatbot Implementation


All About Salesforce Einstein Chat Bot Implementation

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Written by Neha Madiya

Lead Technical Content Writer

July 2, 2021

AI is turning out to be the savior for many companies; customer service, sales, and marketing operations and we can be sure that it will stay at the heart of any organization. Today, technology supports humans with its most interactive ways, and the idea of handing over customer interactions to a machine seems a massive leap of faith. Out of all the AI-infused tech out there, Chatbot technology is the most instantly functional and incredibly effective at driving customer engagements.

AI Chatbots

AI Chatbots is handy, easy, and intelligent and they’re only getting better. Credits to Machine learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Neural Network capabilities, that chatbots have the ability to self-improve. The more human conversation the better they get at interpreting the nuances of language and respond accurately.

As Customers demand instant services, interactive solutions and hassle-free processes, the Bots should scale up these for them. Of all big names, Einstein Chatbot is in the race to help business see a considerable increase in sales and productivity. In short, Einstein Chatbots are the Future of Customer Service.

Ideal Scenarios for Using a Bot

Assist agent when offline/overloaded Training a bot model is a one-time setup No worrying about bot quitting or spending resources on replacing a bot

Salesforce Einstein Chatbots

These are helping hands and not human replacements. Humans will always have to be a part of the Customer Experience as AI can never be as smart as them.

Einstein bots emphasis on assisting people and sending immediate answers to the same straightforward questions over and over again, leaving customer service reps more time to help customers with more complex questions or problems. It is designed to discover insights, predicts outcomes, recommends actions and automates tasks.

Einstein bots focus on the customer’s context and understands the customer expectations. It connects all data from the back-end systems for the Bot to take appropriate action. When the requests get complex, the Bot is intelligent enough to transfer the case to a human agent seamlessly. The reps can view prior conversations and actions addressed by the Bot.

The Salesforce Einstein chatbots are automated chatbots deployed for customer assistance and sales enablement. They use Natural Language Processing to comprehend the customer inputs and handle them by providing what they require.

The chatbot masters a group of phrases related to a specific intent. When the user inputs one of these phrases, the chatbot recognizes the purpose and carries out the desired action.

Technically, a bot is just a computer program that is trained:


To deflect common customer issues

blog- support-issues

To resolve support issues faster


To reduce chat duration and


To understand human language


To deflect common customer issues


To resolve support issues faster

blog- support-issues

To understand human language


To reduce chat duration and

Why should you use Einstein bots?

Einstein bots offer the below-mentioned advantages:

  • Send a quick response to the customers
  • Immediate answers reduce the number of logged cases
  • As chatbots handle simple cases, your agents can focus on solving complex cases
  • Send customized greetings and messages to customers to make them feel important

What should you have to start using AI chatbots?

  • First and foremost, identify the requirements. For example, define the reason for using the chatbot?
  • Next, find out the frequently asked questions by the target audience or customers. What kind of cases are often received?
  • What kind of actions are you looking to automate for the customers without seeking the assistance of an in-person agent?
  • Upon receiving answers to the above questions, start building the chatbot and use it to assist customers.

What are the essential requirements?

There are a few requisites you need to fulfill before starting to use the Einstein bot:

  • Service Cloud License and Live Agent License.
  • Line up the Omnichannel (Presence configuration, Routing configuration, and Service Channel for Live Agent).
  • Deployment of Live Agent.
  • Set the Live Agent chat button to Omnichannel routing type.
  • Queue for chatbot agents.
  • Agents should be users of Service Cloud.
  • Snap-in deployment for hosting Einstein Bot.

You can start using Einstein bots when you have all these things ready. If you are using the Live Agent for the first time, you may find it difficult to set up these requisites. Fortunately, Salesforce offers a Live Agent Setup Flow (present in Service Set up) that lines up everything for you.

Features of Salesforce Einstein chatbots

Train bots to handle multiple scenarios with data sets Validates the information entered by the user Evaluate & improve bot experiences Easily transfer bot conversations

The Pre-chat form enables you to gather all the necessary information automatically. Later, the bot creates records depending on contacts, leads, and cases. Finally, you can disable the bot when not needed. Optimize the customer service with the right actions at the right time. Easily switch between the main menu and dialog branches. Also, you can set up and customize the dialog branches as needed.

Einstein Chatbot Implementation

Creating a New Bot: Before configuring these dialogs, we need to plan our Bot, enable it and then we are all set to use it. From the Service Cloud instance, you can Search for Einstein Bot and Enable it from the toggle option shown below.


Once you have enabled the Bot, you can give Bot Name and Description and set up the Bot profile. Also, make sure to deploy the Bot to your channel.


  • Click on Add Button from the channel section
  • Specify the Channel and search for the deployment for the Bot you have just created
  • You can always choose to Activate / Deactivate the Bot, as shown below

Einstein Chat Bot Implementation - Use Case

Problem Statement

  • Reduce the frequency of chats handled by CSRs by introducing a Chat Bot to provide information to the customers.
  • Guide the customers to the relevant products through Chat Bot.
  • Create cases and provide case status to the customers without CSR involvement.

Royal Cyber Recommended Solution

Royal Cyber recommended Salesforce Einstein Chatbots to:

  • Greet the customers on chat and take relevant information to provide fruitful information to the customers for their queries.
  • Help the customers to navigate the website by providing a link to the products, product information and recommended articles.
  • Take customer input to create cases and also to provide them with information regarding the cases and current status and working of the cases.
  • Provide CSRs with information about the customer before starting the chat.



The birth of Artificial Intelligence and advances in technology have become the groundwork for a new kind of interface – Conversational interface. This interface is a complete example of how customers interact with the system. It is absolutely true to say that – “Bots are the new Apps, Voice is the new Interface, and AI is the new Protocol.”

As bots become common in the near future, they will act as virtual agents representing the company by becoming the first port of call. They can handle sales, shipping queries, customer service and marketing or promotions like upselling and seasonal reminders and will play a key role in any business. Whatever the personal preferences of the leadership, IT can prove beyond doubt that a chatbot platform or AI CRM can function 24/7 in multiple languages and be easily updated. The trick comes in proving that customers are satisfied. There are many metrics that support this factor. But developers need to keep an eye on the security and risks that come in and be able to counter those with strong mechanisms. For more details, contact Royal Cyber’s Salesforce experts today.

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