Personal AI Fitness Trainer with Real-time Feedback


Personal AI Fitness Trainer with Real-time Feedback


Written by Hafsa Mustafa

Technical Content Writer

May 1, 2023

As the use of technology is becoming more common, more and more people are engaging in sedentary lifestyles. This phenomenon is also encouraging people to infuse regular exercise regimes into their daily routines to ensure they maintain health and fitness. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has certainly made things difficult, as not many can choose to join gyms or fitness centers to keep their bodies in shape. Not to mention, traveling long distances can also be a hassle for the fitness enthusiasts.

Luckily, the advance in technology is making it possible for people to exercise and follow effective workout plans remotely – from home. This can be done by watching YouTube videos, tracking physical activities with tech watches, or following exercise regimes on mobile applications and websites.

This blog will discuss the common problems individuals and fitness centers face while performing and overseeing workouts offsite and how data science can fix those issues by improving the whole experience. 

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Scenario in Question

According to Allied Market Research, the global digital therapeutics market size was worth $3,845.74 Million in 2021 and is expected to reach $22,601.97 Million by 2031, potentially showing the Compound Annual Growth Rate of 19.4% from the year 2022 to the year 2031. Other analyses done by bodies like Data Bridge Market Research and Strategic Market Research also indicate that the digital therapeutic market is growing considerably with time.

Tech experts are increasingly looking for ways that can help an individual become more independent and take charge when it comes to crafting and carrying out their workout plans. Now, let’s take a look at our problem statement to get a clearer picture.

Problem Statement

There is no denying that exercising or performing a physical activity of sorts is highly beneficial for your body. It is not, however, always safe to work out unsupervised as you run the risk of getting injured. Moreover, religiously exercising proves to be of little use if you are not doing it correctly. A bad posture or poor positioning can render your whole effort futile.

Although you can surely join a fitness center to do workouts under expert supervision and guidance, it is not always possible to go out and give special time to your fitness routine. Factors like distance, work schedule, commitments to friends and family, and individual energy levels tend to heavily influence our will to visit the facilities. In a situation like this, a person may wonder if they could just do it at home, where they are way more comfortable, relaxed, and better able to manage their time.

If we look at it from the perspective of fitness centers and therapeutic facilities, the unavailability of certified personal trainer or instructor can cause customer dissatisfaction and can result in a significant drop in retention rates. It is understandable that such institutes often struggle to provide their services around the clock.

What Does Available Solutions Lack?

There are several already available solutions in the market that are helping people improve their exercise experiences. Some widely used options are:

  • YouTube videos
  • Wearable technology
  • Workout mobile applications and websites
  • Hiring fitness trainer

As mentioned above, these options often fall short of meeting your requirements as some are limited to keeping track of your activity, while others are unable to supervise your workouts.

Suggested Solution

Data experts at Royal Cyber have been looking for ways to solve this dilemma. We have come up with the idea of using Deep Learning based on artificial neural networks and computer vision to make supervised workouts possible. We aim to enable users to perform exercises with proper posturing and thus provide a premium experience with live feedback. Our Proof-of-Concept can ultimately be developed into a mobile application.

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Our Objectives

  • Provide a diverse variety of basic exercises for the users
  • Give accurate and real-time workout feedback
  • Allow fitness centers to provide a virtual fitness trainer for their clients as an add-on service
  • Provide users with live visuals and stats during the workouts
  • Ensure an overall enriched and seamless user experience

Our Target Audience

Our POC is intended to benefit the followings:

  • Fitness enthusiasts who want to perform workouts correctly anywhere and anytime
  • Individuals who want to reduce the risks while exercising
  • Fitness Trainers who want to train remotely
  • Fitness or therapeutic centers who want to provide services online and around-the-clock

How Our Solution Works

Our suggested solution starts off with determining the body landmarks by using computer vision. It then obtains useful heuristics and proceeds to analyze these findings to generate valuable data.

The following image gives a precise overview of model generation and real-time processing.

After performing body and body landmarks detection, our solution carries out posture analysis to determine if you are assuming the right pose or not. Thereafter, it provides real-time voice and visual feedback generated through deep learning algorithms to ensure that you are following the techniques accurately. As one continues with the exercise, repetitions are noted to keep proper track.

Customer Journey

The customer only needs to access the solution and choose any exercise of choice. After this, they are required to position and turn their camera on. As they begin their workout, feature extraction and processing come into play. The algorithm observes their activities and provides video and voice feedback in real-time – indicating whether they are doing it right or wrong with color codes. Finally, at the completion of the training sessions, a report is generated, which can then be analyzed by the trainers as well as the individual himself to assess the performance.

Expected Benefits of Our Solution

  • Up to 40% increase in revenue for fitness centers
  • Up to 75% reduction in risk of injury
  • 2x better and faster workout benefits because of following appropriate posture and techniques
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Real-time AI-led feedback
  • Rapid pose detection and eventual correction
  • Freedom to work out anywhere you want


This blog discusses how the power of Artificial Intelligence can be harnessed through data science to design solutions that enable people to embark on the journey of achieving physical fitness with precision while working out at home and without the direct supervision of their trainers.

Royal Cyber data experts have been building such innovative solutions for years. Our certified consultants and trained data scientists can help you get your hands on creative products that will not only meet the unique needs of your business but will also enable it to grow profoundly. Feel free to contact our team should you have any queries.

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