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Royal Cyber simplifies the business-critical data science digital transformation with our industry-specific expertise and processes that makes your data simpler to understand and empowers data-driven intelligent workflows.

Data Science

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Powered by Apaxhe Spark, Royal Cyber combines the data ssets of traditional enterprise with the power of modern analytics.

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Data Science Use Cases in Lodging & Hospitality

Improving Model-Accuracy for Faster Data Exploration

An international hospitality company with a massive customer and host information, homestays, and lodge records used data science to optimize its search engine to provide better results to customers and hosts.


  • Human bias in algorithm choice.
  • Time and resources had to be invested in other tasks, leaving limited time to create the ML model.


  • Exploration of Data Roboto’s AML and Data Science platforms allowed them to make changes to their algorithm while reducing model error by over 5%.
  • In a data-centric industry like this, improving model-accuracy through model tuning bought an improvement in the lift rate and resulted in faster data exploration.
Data Science

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