Floor Visualization


United States

About the Client

The client is one of the largest listed companies in New Zealand. It manufactures building products and conducts its business on a global level. Since the client deals in building materials, it was looking for a visualization product that could help its customers get a vivid idea of how the flooring tiles will look in their spaces.

Business Challenges

An e-commerce business is exposed to the following challenges

Inability of its customers to visualize designs and products
Low conversion rates
Reliance on imagination resulting in confused decisions
High vulnerability to bounce rates

Business Solution

Royal Cyber’s solution is a floor visualization platform that enables its users to make informed decisions regarding flooring options. Since Floor Viz brings unprecedented realism to virtual imagination and instant results in terms of visualization, it carries the potential to benefit the Ecommerce industry immensely. With the help of Floor Viz, one can make purchase decisions on the spot and steer clear of confusion.

Key Outcomes


Growth in sales for vendors


Reduction in bounce rate


More conversions

Our Customers Enjoy Our Process


I would like to thank Royal Cyber team for assisting us in making our business processes more efficient and reliable. We were able to achieve higher levels of productivity with the help of its tailor-made solutions.”

Operations Manager

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