Navigating the Future: A Look Back at the Success of AVP Best Effort Support Program

Navigating the Future

Navigating the Future: A Look Back at the Success of AVP Best Effort Support Program

The Success of AVP Best Effort Support Program

Ali Akhtar

Middleware Practice Lead 

November 29, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the challenges faced by businesses using IBM MQ (Message Queuing), WMB (WebSphere Message Broker), and IIB (IBM Integration Bus) software that has reached End of Support (EOS) or End of Life (EOL) status are indeed complex. Recognizing this, the AVP (Accelerated Value Program) Best Effort Support Program emerged as a beacon of reliability, providing crucial reactive support when traditional extensions were no longer available.

Journey Through Challenges:

  • No Code Fixes: The program faced the formidable challenge of operating without providing code fixes for the software. Instead, the focus shifted to meticulous issue analysis, troubleshooting, and the delivery of effective solutions or workarounds tailored to the unique needs of each client.
  • 24/7 Support for Sev 1 Issues: Recognizing the urgency of Severe (Sev 1) production downtimes, the program embraced a commitment to 24/7 support. This round-the-clock availability aimed to minimize disruptions and ensure the seamless operation of critical systems for esteemed clients like AMEX, CIBC, MTB, MUFG, BOA, DXC-Aviva, Citi Bank, State Street Bank, and Cognizant.
  • Technical Expertise: Providing the highest technical expertise and assistance is key to overcoming challenges. AVP clients needed to trust in the proficiency of the support team for issue resolution and overall satisfaction.
  • Customization: With each AVP client presenting unique requirements, customization became a cornerstone of support. Tailoring assistance to meet specific needs ensured clients felt heard and supported throughout their software journey.

Innovative Solutions Unveiled

Expert Team

To tackle these challenges head-on, the AVP Best Effort Support Program introduced a dedicated AVP Specialist (AVS) team. This team, including the Royal Cyber team, became the trusted advisors, offering technical expertise, diagnostic coaching, assistance with migrations and upgrades, and recommendations for managing IBM MQ & IIB software.

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Proactive Support

The program shifted its focus to proactive support. This involved actively promoting environmental proactiveness, sharing skills, and maintaining continuous awareness of the IBM MQ & IIB product. This approach ensured faster problem resolution and reliable deployments.

End of Support Date Awareness

Recognizing the importance of planning, the program actively monitored and communicated IBM MQ EOS dates to clients. This ensured that clients were well-informed about the status of their software and could plan their upgrades accordingly.

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Client Questionnaire

The customized AVP questionnaire document was a pivotal tool in the program’s arsenal. Clients were encouraged to complete this document, providing the support team a comprehensive understanding of their MQ & IIB environment. This streamlined the troubleshooting process and facilitated a more effective support experience.

Efficient Case Management

The Royal Cyber team implemented a streamlined case management process, leveraging Salesforce and Royal Cyber’s JIRA tool. This ensured swift and secure data upload to IBM’s ECuRep tool for meticulous analysis and streamlined the issue resolution process.

Regular Communication

Maintaining open communication with clients was a priority for the program. Regular updates on issue resolution progress and sharing security bulletins or notifications relevant to their IBM MQ software helped build a strong partnership between the support team and the clients.
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Celebrating Success

In retrospect, the AVP Best Effort Support Program has successfully navigated the intricacies of supporting IBM MQ & IIB software at EOS or EOL stages. The program instilled confidence in AVP clients through the dedicated expert team, proactive support methodologies, streamlined case management, and active client engagement.

The ultimate objective was issue resolution and ensuring that IBM software operated seamlessly and aligned harmoniously with clients’ evolving business needs. As we reflect on this journey, it’s evident that the AVP Best Effort Support Program met the challenges head-on and set a standard for excellence in providing support for software reaching the end of its lifecycle.

Looking ahead, the success of this program serves as a testament to the resilience and innovation within the realm of technology support. As businesses navigate the ever-changing landscape, the AVP Best Effort Support Program stands as a guiding light, showcasing that even when faced with challenges, strategic and dedicated support can pave the way for success.

In conclusion, the AVP Best Effort Support Program, in collaboration with Royal Cyber, has not just addressed challenges but has evolved into a symbol of excellence in the realm of end-of-support software assistance. Royal Cyber’s commitment to innovation and efficiency and the program’s dedication to client-centric solutions have resulted in a success story beyond conventional support.

As we look towards the future, the partnership between the AVP Best Effort Support Program and Royal Cyber is a beacon for businesses seeking reliable and tailored solutions. Together, they have demonstrated that even in the face of challenges, proactive support, technical expertise, and open communication can pave the way for a seamless and confident software journey. For more information, you can email us at [email protected] or visit

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