Frontastic vs. Contentful: What’s the Difference?

frontastic-vs-contentful-what-s-the-difference blog

Frontastic vs. Contentful: What's the Difference?

frontastic-vs-contentful blog

Written by Manpreet Kaur

Content Writer

March 17, 2023

Businesses can unlock the power of digital content to deliver sophisticated experiences and shape new trends depending on customers’ preferences. This has resulted in composable content – small and meaningful content that can be delivered through composable platforms. While “Composable” is a relatively new framework that decouples resources and treats them as services, it can be applied to different areas such as content, architecture, and eCommerce. For instance, Frontastic is a composable platform, while Contentful helps to publish and distribute composable content. These platforms are beneficial for businesses whose processes revolve around content. Read this blog to know about each of these platforms in detail.


Frontastic is a composable frontend platform designed to build eCommerce websites with headless architecture. It integrates API orchestration, workflows, and frontend delivery to enable developers to design fully-functional and optimized websites. Also, it facilitates the creation of Progressive Web Apps that empower businesses to deliver engaging frontend experiences across all digital touchpoints.

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Why Frontastic?

Frontastic features a drag-and-drop intuitive interface that helps developers to create and publish pages effortlessly. It has many pre-built component libraries and extensive APIs that can be used for different use cases such as cart, checkout, categories, and product listings. With the help of defined processes and optimizations, developers find it easy to deploy capabilities of Frontastic to create and control targeted campaigns.

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Benefits of Frontastic

Frontastic is the ideal frontend platform for businesses looking for flexibility, adaptability, and customizations in their pursuit to achieve growth.

Prosper Faster

APIs ensure an easy exchange of information, facilitating seamless communication between the backend and frontend, thereby offering myriad possibilities. You can embed store content in components helping your customers to search for products and buy them easily.

Distribute Quickly

Businesses can accelerate innovation by using robust tools and workflows for improved speed, security, reliability, and drive the desired results.

Entice Customers

Limitless customization options help you change and adapt to evolving trends and serve your customers in a better way.

Build a Strong Brand Presence

Frontastic helps you expand your business and launch new product lines by managing it centrally with easy bulk updates and rich customization capabilities. In addition, you can deliver website content in different languages, currencies and expand your business in different regions using localization tools.


Contentful is an API-centric headless content management platform that allows you to create, manage, and deliver control to different platforms. It has RESTful APIs that help you to create content models and distribute content across different channels. You can get content stored with Contentful in your app by issuing a ‘GET’ request. Once the ‘GET’ request is processed, the result is returned as ‘JSON’. Also, you can store all types of content with Contentful, including text, images, audio, video, and documents, and assign custom roles and validations accordingly.

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Why Contentful?

Contentful is a composable content platform that orchestrates content from different sources, ensuring its discoverability and reusability across different channels. It follows a three-step process to distribute content:

  • Defines a content model that is autonomous from the presentation layer specifying the type of content to be managed
  • Manages content with the help of intuitive interfaces
  • Delivers content in a presentation-independent manner
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Benefits of Contentful

Sophisticated Developer Experience

Developers can use the code editor to create and customize web apps. Also, they can access learning tools and resources from the developer community to develop projects.

Customized Content Modeling

With the help of Contentful, editors can offer content in a presentation-independent manner and create engaging experiences with any content form.


Contentful distinguishes content for various channels such as websites, mobile apps, and social media. Also, you can customize marketing content for different campaigns and distribute content.

High Speed

CDN ensures the content is delivered fast across all digital channels 24×7 as soon as you publish it.

Interactive User Interface

Contentful has an intuitive user interface that helps you design structured data with metadata to personalize and enhance user experiences.


Now that we have highlighted the benefits of Frontastic and Contentful, if you are looking for an advanced CMS, Contentful is the ideal choice. At the same time, with Frontastic, you can get your business up and running with an intuitive website.

With extensive experience of 20 years, Royal Cyber is a leading technology partner that helps you transform with modern digital solutions. We implement headless CMS solutions to deliver infinite flexibility, performance, security, and efficiency. We go beyond headless CMS with structured and composable content platforms such as Contentstack and Contentful to streamline content operations and deliver consistent content across channels. Get in touch with us to accelerate your journey to go composable.

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