Building an eCommerce Marketplace using BigCommerce and Mirakl Marketplace

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Building an eCommerce Marketplace using BigCommerce and Mirakl Marketplace


Written by Tariq Aziz

Business Analyst

March 10, 2023

An eCommerce marketplace is a platform that enables multiple sellers to offer their goods to a larger audience while giving customers a simple and convenient purchasing experience. The popularity of eCommerce marketplaces has exploded in recent years, with larger businesses eager to launch their own online marketplaces and smaller brands looking to sell their goods there.

Building an eCommerce marketplace requires a seamless eCommerce experience with the ability to handle marketplace functionalities, which is a complex process that requires a lot of planning, execution, and maintenance.

Business Challenges

Businesses face the following common challenges while creating an eCommerce Marketplace:

  • Complex Technology Integration: With no prebuilt smart integration available between eCommerce and Marketplace platforms, integrating different technologies and platforms to create a seamless shopping experience is very tedium and time-consuming process.
  • Handling Different Sellers’ Product Catalogue: Inability of eCommerce platforms in managing multiple sellers, each with their own product catalogues, offerings and shipping policies.
  • Lack of Unified Order Management: Complex operations involved in handling order fulfilment due to lack of unified order management between eCommerce and Marketplace platforms.
  • Ensuring Customer Satisfaction: It involves handling customer complaints and issues, ensuring orders are delivered on time, and providing excellent customer service.
  • Customer Experience: Since Marketplace is a backend tool, business fail to build and provide an exceptional storefront with good customer experiences.
  • Competition: Due to the increased competition in an eCommerce marketplace, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. This requires offering a unique value proposition, providing high-quality products, and delivering excellent customer service.

Royal Cyber’s Marketplace Connector App

To solve different business challenges and to expedite the integration of complex platforms, Royal Cyber has developed a Marketplace Connector App that utilizes the API power of both platforms to create a smart pre-built connection. The Connector App eliminates the time-consuming custom platform integrations, which leverages seamless synchronization data between the two platforms and supports the Marketplace-specific catalogue management, order management, and checkout features.

We have built an eCommerce marketplace business by using the best of both world by using best in class features of both eCommerce and Marketplace platforms, and using one platform’s features to fill the void gap of other. In this blog, we will discuss how we built an eCommerce marketplace by integrating BigCommerce, an Open SaaS eCommerce Platform and the Mirakl Marketplace platform.

Why BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is the most famous open-source SaaS eCommerce platform globally, allowing flexible businesses management. BigCommerce has also helped organizations increase online sales by reducing 80% of the expenditure, saving time and effort more than any on-premise software. In addition, it emerges as the most effective eCommerce platform available due to its built-in functionality and ease of use.

The numerous built-in functionalities of BigCommerce, such as website customization, SEO optimization, payment and inventory management, application integrations, and several eCommerce functionalities, can help set up a site quickly. In addition, it provides its users with a comprehensive range of capabilities to establish, enhance, and operate an online eCommerce business, ranging from dependable hosting and security to innovative marketing tools. Many businesses have chosen this platform because of its back-end support and stunning front-end templates.

At Royal Cyber, we provide unique B2B and B2C BigCommerce solutions for today’s new-aged eCommerce era with an unlimited potential to deliver compelling customer experiences that drive realistic interactions and sales.

Why Mirakl?

Mirakl Marketplace Platform is a powerful tool that allows you to build and manage an eCommerce marketplace. It offers every feature you require to launch a marketplace, including a platform for sellers to post their products, offer listings, and a number of tools for handling orders, payments, and shipping.

One of the main advantages of Mirakl Marketplace Platform is its scalability, which makes it suited for businesses of all sizes and can easily handle a large number of consumers and sellers. You may easily expand the platform as your marketplace expands to accommodate rising demand. This is especially helpful if you intend to create a sizable eCommerce marketplace because you’ll need a platform that can manage lots of transactions and a variety of goods.

The Mirakl Marketplace platform’s great flexibility for businesses, which enables them to manage their products and sellers, offer a variety of payment choices, and create their online marketplace, is yet another key benefit. This enables companies to personalize the appearance and feel of their marketplace to meet their brand identity and preferences, which contributes to the development of a sophisticated and scalable eCommerce marketplace that serves a wide range of customers.

With Mirakl certified experts, Royal Cyber help you build streamline complex marketplace operation and build a unique solution offering to deliver a commendable marketplace experience.


Integration Between BigCommerce and Mirakl Marketplace

Connect your BigCommerce and Mirakl backend using few simple steps

  1. Integration Steps: Go to the BigCommerce Marketplace and search for RC Marketplace Connector App.
    Fill in all the necessary details and make the payment for the plans as per the requirement.
  2. The Process:
  1. Some of the Important Features of the RC Marketplace Connector App are as follows:
    • Product Catalog Synchronization – Mapping & Transferring Seller Product Catalog
    • Offer Management – Listing different offers by different Sellers on your storefront
    • Unified Order Management – Mapping, Transferring and Managing Marketplace Orders
    • Various Seller based Shipping Methods – Provide different country level shipping methods provided by different sellers for their offers
    • Checkout SDK – Complete custom prebuilt checkout SDK for BigCommerce store to provide your marketplace features
    • Periodic Order Updates – Every process of delivery will be triggered back to BigCommerce from Mirakl, so that Order Notification reaches customer through BigCommerce

Benefits of Royal Cyber’s Marketplace Connector App

  • Increase Sales, Revenue and Profit: An eCommerce marketplace allows businesses to reach a larger customer base as it allows multiple sellers to sell their products through a single platform, increasing their sales and revenue.
  • Best of Both Worlds: Connector App leverages businesses to use the best-in-class features of both eCommerce and Marketplace platforms.
  • Ultimate Customer Experience: Build an amazing Customer Experience using Personalised Storefront Themes of BigCommerce with features of Mirakl Marketplace to create a seamless shopping experience.
  • Unified Management: Streamline complex operations involving managing Product Catalogues, Offers, Orders etc.
  • Automated Offers and Order Flow: Reduces time and efforts in doing manual operations by using real time Data Sync of products, offers, orders etc.
  • Increase Customer Retention & Loyalty : Offering a wide range of products with multiple sellers can create all-in-one stop eCommerce business attracting new customers and retaining customers leading to increased customer loyalty, site traffic and repeat business.


With Royal Cyber’s Marketplace Connector App, you can build a unique seamless marketplace that caters all your business needs. By utilizing our certified BigCommerce and Mirakl experts, Royal Cyber seamlessly integrates your BigCommerce store with Mirakl Marketplace, guiding you at every step of the journey, and leveraging industry-leading practices ensuring smooth execution.

Contact us and let our technology consultants assist you in strategizing and building immersive customer experiences with an interactive digital journey resulting in a seamless solution that meets your online marketplace demands.

Deliver Bespoke Customer Experiences throughout the Digital Journey

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