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BigCommerce & Mirakl



Use Case

A Marketplace is a powerful tool, but without an eCommerce website, customers cannot tap into its advantages. The Marketplace Connector App for BigCommerce and Mirakl uses the API capabilities of both platforms to provide a smart, pre-built connection that eliminates tedious and complex custom platform integrations. Leveraging a Connector App enables BigCommerce to manage the seller catalogue data from Mirakl Marketplace.

Business Challenges

Quick installation allowing sales on any Mirakl Marketplace through BigCommerce
Managing operations from a single unified place
Creating offer listings from the marketplace and exporting products to the BigCommerce storefront
Automating the price and stock updates
Unifying the order management for all eCommerce Marketplace orders
Managing the order workflow including shipment updates

Business Solution

Seamless mapping and transferring of catalogue data from Mirakl to BigCommerce, allowing product sales from multiple sellers
Displays seller-specific product information on Product Listing and Product Details Page
Transfers delivery process from Mirakl to BigCommerce
Sends orders on BigCommerce’s storefront to Mirakl for delivery management
Allows customers to create accounts which are saved on BigCommerce’s store
Enables real-time data synchronization

Key Outcomes


Road-to-market plan and strategy


Order management streamlining complex operations


Data sync up


Price and stock updates


The ultimate storefront customer experience

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