Leveraging commercetools to Create a D2C eCommerce Brand for RICH’s USA


Leveraging commercetools to Create a D2C eCommerce Brand for RICH’s USA


Written by Manpreet Kaur

Content Writer

December 3, 2022

commercetools is designed to address dynamic business needs and establish credibility in a crowded marketplace. Compared to traditional eCommerce platforms, commercetools’ headless architecture enables businesses to fulfill the ever-evolving needs of an omnichannel eCommerce platform. With transformative features and functionalities, it delivers revolutionary customer experiences and a future-ready eCommerce platform.

RICH’s USA, a family-owned food company, is a D2C brand that used commercetools to overcome its business challenges and enliven its vision of “Born from Innovation”. This blog covers the business challenges RICH’s USA faced and how Royal Cyber helped to tailor a solution that met their exact business requirements.

About RICH’s USA

RICH’s is an international food product company specializing in non-dairy frozen food offerings, including culinary solutions, bakery, desserts, cake icings, sweets, and finishing touches.

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With over 75 years of experience in the industry, RICH’s focuses on bringing creative solutions to the food sector and delighting both, food industry experts and customers. Since its inception, the company has been on the path of innovation and acceleration.

What Challenges Did RICH’s USA Face?

The company sold its food offerings through wholesalers and eCommerce platforms such as Amazon. Its official website only supported quotations and did not have standard functionalities such as “Buy Now” and “Add to Cart” options to sell its products. The website also featured minimal functionality and could barely drive traffic and convert them, resulting in reduced sales. They wanted to build a unified direct D2C eCommerce website to sell its products, boost sales, and simultaneously deliver a user-friendly customer-centric experience.

How Did Royal Cyber Help RICH’s USA?

To begin with, Royal Cyber’s professionals conducted an assessment to perform a gap analysis to examine the disparities between the existing website and the client’s expectations. The website stored data related to customers, products, orders, and shipping on different systems. For example: SAP for Inventory, OneSource for Tax, Stripe for Payments, and GreenRabbit for Shipping data. These individual systems used TIBCO, a middleware, to communicate with each other. The client also resorted to a different system to extract product-related information.

Our certified commercetools experts created a cohesive eCommerce platform using commercetools to deliver a seamless experience. We designed a unified system that stores and consolidates all the eCommerce data for efficient reporting and analysis. It also connects web frontends, backends, and third-party applications to offer unparalleled flexibility and agility. The backend seamlessly stores and receives information about products, pricing, payment, inventory, customers, cart, order, shipment, and notifications.

What Benefits Did RICH’s USA Reap?

  • Assured Scalability
  • Saved Time, Effort, and Resources
  • Improved Development and Maintenance
  • Enhanced ROI and Business Value
  • Reduced Management Costs
  • Increased Order Conversions

What Does commercetools Offer for D2C Brands?

commercetools helps you deliver a unique shopping experience and build long-lasting customer relationships to strengthen your business outreach and growth. With advanced technology and social-based commerce, you can quickly onboard new customers and provide them with a consistent experience across all devices and channels.

Businesses can use customer data, abiding by data privacy and protection standards, to get insights on aligning their strategies. The microservice-based architecture combines loosely coupled independent services to compose a single application, ensuring quick responses and adaptability to changing expectations.

Moving Your eCommerce Site to commercetools

  • Create a migration blueprint with a focus on important elements such as milestones, deliverables, and timeframe keeping UI/UX, logic, and data in lieu.
  • Retrieve desired data and import it to commercetools with the help of APIs for real-time updates.
  • Deploy commercetools features and functionality to build online stores to give your customers a unique experience.

Are you looking to transform your monolithic approach to eCommerce? commercetools offers a reliable framework to power your eCommerce store and establish a profitable online business. Royal Cyber is determined to assist businesses in building headless storefronts to deliver exceptional shopping experiences and narrow all barriers. Reach out to our experts to learn how we can help you set up your commercetools platform, generate revenue, and scale it up.

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