Key Enhancements and Upgrades of Adobe Experience Manager’s (AEM) Version 6.5

blog key-enhancements-and-upgrades-of-adobe-experience-manager-aem-version-6-5

Key Enhancements and Upgrades of Adobe Experience Manager’s (AEM) Version 6.5

blog adobe-experience-manager-aem-version-6-5

Written by Manpreet Kaur

Content Writer

June 28, 2023

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a powerful content management system that helps businesses deliver personalized, engaging customer experiences. With AEM 6.5, Adobe has added more features and capabilities to the existing platform. In this blog, we will explore some key enhancements in AEM 6.5 and how they can benefit your business. From improved authoring capabilities to enhanced integration with other Adobe products, AEM 6.5 will help businesses leverage their digital experiences to the next level.

Features of Adobe Experience Manager

  • Content Creation and Management: Provides a robust and user-friendly interface for creating and managing content across multiple channels and devices
  • Digital Assets:Enables efficient and centralized management of digital assets, making it easy to find, organize, and reuse assets
  • Multi-Site Management: Allows management of multiple websites and microsites from a single platform, streamlining workflows and ensuring consistency across all digital touchpoints
  • Workflow: Adobe Experience Manager’s powerful workflow capabilities make it easy to automate and streamline content creation and publishing processes, improving efficiency and reducing time-to-market
  • Analytics and Optimization:Offers built-in analytics and optimization tools that enable you to measure the impact of your digital experiences and continually improve their effectiveness

What’s New in Adobe Experience Manager 6.5?

Dynamic Media

You can use the new Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) protocol for bitrate streaming to offer an improved user experience.


The Adaptive Forms Core Components include open-source, BEM-compatible components that allow developers to customize and extend components. Using the headless adaptive forms, you can create, control, and publish forms that can be accessed through APIS.

The Reader Extension service on OSGi has options to allow import and export usage rights on a PDF to import or export data in Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Adobe Experience Manager can be easily integrated with Adobe (Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign, and Adobe Analytics) and non-Adobe products (Salesforce and AWS). For example, integrating AEM with Salesforce allows businesses to leverage customer data to deliver personalized content and marketing campaigns. On the other hand, integrating AEM with AWS provides businesses with a scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure to host their digital experiences.

All these technical integrations help organizations provide a unified customer experience, regardless of the touchpoint. With Adobe Experience Manager’s ability to seamlessly integrate with Adobe and non-Adobe products, businesses can deliver personalized and engaging digital experiences to their customers, critical to building lasting relationships and driving business growth.

Pattern Detector

Adobe has introduced a powerful new feature called Pattern Detector that helps technical teams identify and troubleshoot issues related to asset usage and conflicts with upgrades. The Pattern Detector works by scanning the current Adobe Experience Manager environment and detecting usage patterns that may be causing issues. It can identify if AEM 6.5 version is utilizing assets appropriately and the features that conflict with upgrades. This information is critical for IT teams, enabling them to quickly identify and fix issues impacting customer experience.


Adobe Experience Manager Cloud Services Opt-In has been deprecated. Now, you can use Adobe Target integration to use Adobe Target Standard API for authentication through Adobe IMS and Adobe I/O Runtime. Also, AEM 6.5 has deprecated Adobe JCR Connector for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013.

Headless Content Delivery

Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 offers enhanced support for headless content delivery, enabling developers to deliver content easily to multiple channels and devices. The HTTP API now supports the delivery of content fragments.

Smart Tags

Smart tags help businesses to categorize and tag their assets automatically, saving time and resources. They use Machine Learning algorithms to analyze the content of assets and identify relevant keywords and topics. They analyze multiple content assets such as images, videos, and documents and further generate relevant tags, making it easy for users to find and organize assets.

Upgrading to Adobe Experience Manager 6.5

Pre-Upgrade Maintenance Tasks

  • Make sure you have enough disk space on the server and Adobe Experience Manager backup
  • Backup changes to the /etc file
  • Create file
  • Give executable permissions for scripts at crx-quickstart/bin and crx-quickstart/monitoring
  • Install, configure, and run pre-upgrade tasks
  • Delete updates from /install directory
  • Halt cold standby instances
  • Deactivate custom scheduled jobs
  • Run offline revision cleanup
  • Download org/apache/jackrabbit/oak-run. Ensure you have the latest backup of the AEM instance. Close AEM. Trace old checkpoints and delete unreferenced checkpoints. Execute the compaction and wait for its completion.
  • Delete users that delay upgrade
  • Rotate log files

Upgrade Tasks

  • Make sure you have an updated Java version (minimum JDK 11 or above)
  • Prepare the Adobe Experience Manager Quickstart jar file
  • Content Repository Migration
  • Execute one-time startup command


Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 is a major upgrade from previous versions and provides various tools, features, and capabilities to fit different content management needs. From personalized digital experiences to efficient authoring capabilities, AEM 6.5 helps businesses gain a competitive advantage in the market. With Royal Cyber’s expertise in implementing Adobe Experience Manager solutions, take full advantage of AEM 6.5 to create successful digital experiences.

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